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Christian Bale Loses His Mind on Set

baleNot for the faint of heart (especially if you’re sensitive to pottymouth): Christian Bale lost his mind, screaming and yelling in rage at a crew member on the set of his latest film, when the crew member walked in the background of the shot, distracting Bale and disrupting the shooting. If you haven’t seen this “Christian Bale yells” video yet, it’s worth a watch.

I can understand the frustration of hard work being interrupted, but this vicious onslaught is pretty unbelievable. The scathing tirade goes on for over four minutes and includes the actor threatening the man’s job. How embarrassing for him to have his tantrum made public!

I for one would like to help.

Here you go, Christian!
Anger at Work: Learning the Art of Anger Management on the Job by Hendrie Weisinger It’s Not Personal! A Guide to Anger Management by Alice Katz
The Anger Management Sourcebook by Schiraldi and Hallmark Kerr 60-Second Anger Management by Dr. Michael Hershorn

On an unrelated note, didn’t Christian Bale star in Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho?

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis - movie starring Christian Bale


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5 Responses to “Christian Bale Loses His Mind on Set”

  1. ahahahaha Nice book tie-in! This guy needs to be on abebooks buying this stuff up.
    I bet he’s impossible to live with.

  2. His behavior is hardly rare among the primadonnas who make a living playing dress-up-and-make-believe. I’d last about 10 minutes as a crew member in La-La land.

  3. Beth Carswell

    Rare or not, it (his behaviour) is completely appalling. Imagine talking to someone else that way! What a horse’s patoot.

    And yes, Gabriel, I hope he stumbles upon our book blog and takes my advice and buys up some nice Anger Management titles.

  4. Very nice tie-in Beth. What a freak!!! I actually laughed, he kind of sounds like Tom Cruise too. I just can’t believe it goes on for 4 minutes…. lord.

  5. His accent was all over the place. It is odd that a lot of people tolerate this type of thing from actors, when if your transplant it into another workplace, he’d be fired in a heartbeat.