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America or Britain, who is prettier?

We’re talking about book covers of course. I saw this post on The Millions, where they open the debate about which country publishes nicer book covers. I tend to agree that British covers are, generally speaking, more aesthetically pleasing. But what do you think, UK editions are on the left, US editions on the right.

unaccustomed-earth-uk unaccustomed-earth-us

netherland-uk netherland-us

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3 Responses to “America or Britain, who is prettier?”

  1. Richard Davies

    Oddly, for Netherland, the US cover has a cricket scene while the UK one doesn’t. You think it would be the other way around

  2. Interesting ‘experiment’, but arent’ there more countries with nice book covers??… For english speaking at least, we’ve got Canada, Australia, Ireland… :-(

  3. Beth Carswell