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The Neverending Story – The Book and the Remake

the-neverending-story-michael-endeOne of my favourite movies as a kid, The Neverending Story, is apparently going to be remade by Warner Bros.

To that I say: BUT IT AIN’T BROKE.


Also, I don’t know why I never knew this: The Neverending Story was a book first! The book of the Neverending Story was originally a German language book, and was translated into English and made into the movie.

I’m going to have to read it. The Neverending Story was a big deal to me as a kid.

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Beth Carswell

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One Response to “The Neverending Story – The Book and the Remake”

  1. When I was a kid, I got it out from my library. The coolest thing about that version was you read every other line until you got to the last page. Then you flipped the book upside down and read the rest of the book the same way. It wrapped around itself so that you would start again. I thought it was so clever the way it was actually printed not to mention how it was written. I too didn’t know it was a book until after I saw the movie. Thats when I went searching for it in my library. Now as an adult, I am searching for that exact book printing. It is evidently rare since I can’t seem to find it anywhere!