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Another Barack Obama’s Favorite Book: Where The Wild Things Are

In a 2007 video of a speech he made to the American Library Association, Barack Obama responds to the question “What’s your favorite book?” by not only mentioning Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are (and the fact that his wife, Michelle Obama, likens him to Max, as he’s always getting into mischief), but also expressing appreciation for his mother, who always gave him books as presents, regardless of what he wanted.

“I’d be disappointed initially, but she knew that eventually I’d end up picking them up and reading them. That, I think, really laid the foundation for my subsequent success.”

If you’ve never read Where the Wild Things Are, it’s time. Arguably, no book has ever better captured the mystery, adventure and excitement of being a small child with a big imagination.


And, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list, in case you’d like to see what else Barack Obama is reading.

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2 Responses to “Another Barack Obama’s Favorite Book: Where The Wild Things Are”

  1. Is there any proof to the rumor that George W. Bush had the White House Press Secretary read him Where the Wild Things Are?

    I heard he said it was too “complicational” for him to read himself.

    Go Barack (not that I’ve read Where the Wild Things Are myself).

  2. ‘truth’ to the rumor. ‘truth.’

    silly cuban in glass house should not make fun of Bush