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What did the Romans do for us? A joke book

A Roman joke book has been discovered. The jokes are rubbish…..

There is an ancient version of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch. It reads: ‘A man buys a slave, who dies soon after. When he complains, the slave seller replies, “Well, he didn’t die when I owned him”.’

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Richard Davies

One Response to “What did the Romans do for us? A joke book”

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    The next day he told his mom what he saw and wanted to know what she was doing on top of his dad. His mother was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. She tried to make it look very casual.

    She said, “Oh, your daddy is too fat, so I was trying to slim him down.”

    The boy then immediately replied, “It’s no use because the lady next door comes around when you’re not in to blow him up again.”