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Rejoice Ruby Redfort Readers! Clarice Bean Author Signs Book Deal for New Stories

Lauren ChildLauren Child, author of the popular Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean picture books has signed a deal for six new stories.

Child will switch her focus to Ruby Redfort, Clarice Bean’s favorite literary character. Ruby, an undercover sleuth with a knack for solving mysteries will get her own book series starting next year.Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now by Lauren Child

Child has received letters from young fans requesting more information about Ruby and asking if Ruby Redfort books are real and available for purchase.

The deal with HarperCollins Children’s Books comes at the same time as  the 10th anniversary of the first Clarice Bean book, Clarice Bean, That’s Me in 1999. So there’s two good reasons for Lauren Child, not to mention parents and children, to celebrate!

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51 Responses to “Rejoice Ruby Redfort Readers! Clarice Bean Author Signs Book Deal for New Stories”

  1. hey lauren child i just wanted to know if ruby redfort was a real series

    i love your books

    ps make some more

  2. I love Clarice Bean. I am so exited you are making more.

  3. Clarice Bean is my all time favorite book series.

    Now they are making Ruby Redfort books to.

    This is like a dream come true.

  4. Clarice Bean is really good! Is there really a Ruby Redfort series? If there is could you tell me what books are in the series? I have read your books at least once! (almost)They are utterly awesome! What is Clarice Bean spells trouble about ?I have not read it yet.

  5. I love Clarice Bean! I have read all of your books, and they are very
    exceptionordinarily good.I am looking forward to buying the Ruby Redfort
    books next year (in 2010) and I bet they will be utterly brillastic.Good luck writing the Ruby series! I am even wriggling in my seat this second!

    P. S. Please write more CB books…

  6. The Clarice Bean books are exceptionordinarily good and I’m glad that Lauren Child is making a Ruby Redfort series! I’m like Betty Moddy I liked Clarice Bean Don’t Look Now because it’s related a LOT to me (well Betty moving is like me). I like comparing myself to fictional characters of book series that I like.

  7. hi lauren I love your Clarice Bean books they are so awesome! if ruby redford isn’t a real book i think you should make it one. i think you should start writing one beacause they sound really intresting and it would be so cool if you could write one so people could start reading them.


  8. i think you should write a ruby redfort seiries. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee, i’d be your number i fan

  9. Hi ZOE,

    The good news is that a Ruby Redfort series is coming. But sadly from what I can tell, it won’t be available until a year from now.

  10. Please write more Clarice Bean, I have read them all 3 times over…I like Ruby Redfort…but Clarice is so much like me…….I love her more…especially if its about her going to big school as i am going there next year

  11. Clarice Bean ROCKS!!!

  12. will you be writing anymore clarice bean books…they are my all time favorite!! i am finishing the series for the second time and would love it if you wrote a new one!!

  13. hi!
    i just want to say that i love clarice bean so much, i have read all the books about five times and i am now 14 and still reading them. Clarice inspired me to create my own character and create my own book.
    i am very excited that you are writing ruby redford books, when do they come out? I would love to read them!
    I would love to no if you are going to write any more books on Clarice Bean because i am so desperate to read another one!

  14. your books r great please make more soon

    is ruby redfort series real i would love to read them if they were.

    eagerly awaiting u making more books

  15. Lilly Trouscout January 4, 2010 at 2:07 am

    Im Lilly Trouscout.
    I just love your books,
    they are the best.
    I should say your the best.
    thanks for making the best clarice bean books ever.
    I say,
    you should make some make some more.
    Is clarice bean and ruby redfort real.
    I just love clarice bean books.
    so can you please make some more?
    so are you making some more books?
    I really like them.
    they are the best.
    Have i alredy said that?
    Never mind.

  16. Hiya lauren child,

    I went to your book signing event at seven stories (in newcastle) yesterday. I had so much fun!

    Your exibtion is amazing! I love charlie and lola and clarice bean. There houses were so nicely done!

    I love clarice bean soooo much!!!

    Hope u make more! Orla xxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  17. Where can I buy Ruby Redfort books? Hullo, it’s 2010!

  18. hi

    i think the clarice bean books are great
    i have read the al about 4 times and i think ruby redfort will be cool
    does CB get a new teacher in the end of don’t look now or is she stuck with mrs wilberton and why does clem never say that she loves ruby redfort too?

  19. Hi Lauren,

    Whats up????
    Loveeee your books
    Please tell me when your
    Ruby Redfort books are
    coming out because
    they sound intesting!!!!

    Karla xx

  20. Hi Lauren,

    I’m sure you are too busy to reply.
    I would just like to let you know how
    great your books are. I’m sure you
    get things like this a lot but I would
    you really like to know that you an
    awsome writer and that’s why you
    should write Ruby Redfort books.
    Ruby (by the sounds of it) is a
    way to dodge “arch enemies”!!

    Lots of love always Karla xx
    A big Fan!!

  21. Dear lauren
    I love your books they are great please write a new series of clarcie bean books they are exceptionordinarily great.
    You have inspired me to be a writer.
    I am your NUMBER 1 FAN.
    Is there any chance of you making them into a movie?
    Please reply

  22. you should make your books into movies that would be awsome and where do u buy ruby redfort books


  23. hi Lauren child, my name is Reilly
    i looove all your books read almost all of them 3 time
    please make some more Clarice bean books
    i love them they are nearly the only books i have ever finished because i cant stop reading them
    i love clarice please make more!!

  24. Ruby Redfort is such fun to read ijust can’t keep the books down ! clarence bean is so funny to! i love your books!

  25. I just love the Ruby redfort books, I just can’t put them down.
    My favourite characters are Clarice Bean and Betty Moody.
    I just can’t stop collecting them, theyare so cool.
    Could you please write some more?

  26. Clarice bean is sooooooooooo exciting, I just love the books.
    Will make some more?
    I love Clarice Bean and Betty Moody.
    I just can’t put the books that you write down, they’re sooooooo exciting you just never know what is going to happen next.
    I can not stop collecting them.
    Your books are awesome.

  27. Dear Lauren Child,
    I love Clarice Bean Tuesday. She is a bright, spunky girl with an exceptionordinarily imagination and a bad sense of spelling. I hope you are going to be writing more books about Clarice….and have you ever thought about writing a book from Marcie,Kurt,Minal, or Betty’s point of view?

  28. hey have you made a ruby redfort survival guide i am making one please email me with a reply.!

  29. hiya

    im really enjoying your clarice bean books and charlie and lola is class i really hope you are going to continue writing as i am just starting the ruby redford books .
    ps im your number 1 fan

  30. email meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  31. Hi I have read and really enjoyed your Clarice bean books for along time now and have read them more than once.

    I have wondered for along time while reading the Clarice bean books whether Ruby Redfort were actually a real series of books and i have just discovered today when I was browsing in not just books that’s it is in fact a real book and was very tempted to buy it but I’m saving money for my holiday and can’t purchase it just yet but during my holiday I will be very proud to say I will have my very own copy.
    I have waited along time to find out whether it was a series and yes it is I’m very excited to start reading it.

    I think your a magnificent author and have admired your witty charm.

  32. It took me a while to discover it or maybe it hasn’t been in the book stores I’ve looked at.

    I want to thank-you for the Clarice Bean stories you’ve created ,they’ve opened a whole new world to me and I’m sure that the Ruby Redfort series will do the same.

    sincerely Ana

  33. Dear Lauren,
    I got your ruby redfort book look into my eye and I think it’s great
    Are there anymore in the series I would really like to find out!!!
    Thanks from Sparky

  34. i could never say how thankful i am that you wrote the clarice bean series i love every thing about them i love hearing about ruby redford and iv always wanted you to wright a series about her im reading the first one and see what clarice bean means its amazing you are the best writer in the whole wide world Lauran Child kind thanks for your books amelia xoxoxo

  35. Hi,I looooooooooove the clarice bean series and would exceptinordineraly love it if you could wirite some more novels

  36. Dear Lauren Child,

    I have read all the CB books and I think they are exceptionordinarily. I have always been wondering if the Ruby Redfort Boks were real too. From reading all theese comments above i think i know that they are out, well, infact a couple of years ago. My library does not have the Ruby Redfort Books so I am thinking of buying them. My sister utterly loves Charlie and Lola. We have lots of the DVD’s in two languages! i forgot how to spell languages. Any ways my sister also has some books of Charlie and lola books and she reads them for bed time stories. When I finish reading a CB book i always say to myself “I really wish the CB series would go on forever” I really do. My favourite animal is rhinoceros (rinoceros) now.
    I love you and youre books they are utterly exceptionordinarily.


  37. Hullo Lauren Child!
    You are the most amazing author ever! I love your books and thanks so much for making the ruby redfort books! Can’t wait to read them! Your books are utterly exceptionordinarily!
    [Yes Jacob, it’s a word.] Just talking to my brother. Keep on making books that ROCK!!!

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