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Archive | August, 2009

Edward Kennedy’s books

With Edward Kennedy’s death overnight, there’s sure to be renewed interest in his books which stretch across 40 years and include an insight into what the 1970s could hold, healthcare, and a dog book. Decisions for a Decade: Policies and Programs for the 1970s (1968 signed copies) In Critical Condition: The Crisis in America’s Health […]

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Africa Day 6

Mombasa is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited. It was a hectic trip in! We arrived at our new hotel as it was getting dark. It was extremely humid and for the first time on this trip I felt like I was somewhere tropical. The hotel was gorgeous. It was a […]

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Africa Day 5

Day 5 Nation Media Day and visiting the Agha Khan Foundation Offices On our last day of touring AKF projects in Nairobi, I woke up, packed my suitcases and then the group got onto the familiar shuttle bus to drive to Nation Media. We were leaving for the coastal town of Mombasa that evening and […]

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Plonk book to retail for a million bucks

Kraken Opus, the super high end luxury publisher, will be releasing The Wine Opus, a 1.5m square 30 kg brick of a book which features the 100 best wineries in the world. The book is going to be limited to 100 copies, 25 of which have already been pre-ordered, and will cost £640,000. The 850 […]

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Top (?) Children’s Books

I just looked ath the Top 20 Children’s Books chart on Bookseller.com and am thoroughly depressed…

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Fortunate Event for Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket has agreed to write a new series of books.

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Sadie Jones and her new book

I’m sorry but it’s only Tuesday and I’m exhausted already. I can barely string a sensible word together this morning so here is a sexist thought….Is Sadie Jones even prettier than last year?

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A Book Lover’s Guide to IKEA seating

Like the title says…..What no hammock!

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Netherland movie planned

I am very fearful after reading in The Guardian that a movie version of Netherland is being planned. I’m not worried that they’ll make a mess of Joseph O’Neill’s book but that they’ll make a mess of displaying cricket on the Silver Screen. I’m sure they can recognise the situation of immigrants in New York […]

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Karla Kushkin dies

Karla Kuskin, the children’s author and illustrator famous for Roar and More, a 1956 book about animals and their noises, has died at the age of 77.

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