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Aussie Rules: Full contact reading

The Age has done an interview with 16 Australian Football League players on their reading habits. I hardly expected to see recomendations for Chomsky in a footballers list; the world proves that I should quit trying to judge a book by it’s cover.

Understanding Power, a collection of talks by Noam Chomsky, is the book that had the biggest influence on me. It allowed me to develop a critical view of global issues.

I like it because it gives an alternative view to historical events – it is always good to hear two sides of a story. I did not really start reading extensively until I was in my 20s, but now I enjoy it for relaxation. I mostly read on holidays or of an evening after the kids have gone to bed. In the future, I am really interested in reading Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama.

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2 Responses to “Aussie Rules: Full contact reading”

  1. Ooh dang i just typed a huge comment and when i hit reply it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am just stuipd, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  2. Beth Carswell

    Fuzu, the good news is you’re not stupid. The bad news is this is a glitch on the blog that we’re trying to suss out, but with limited success so far. The comments work just fine all the time for some people, and intermittently for others. It’s very frustrating, and until we figure it out, I’m afraid there’s that risk – I do hope you’ll reconstruct your comment – and copy it before attempting to post – and try again! Very sorry for the frustration, and as we love hearing from readers, it frustrates us, too!