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Jose Saramago blasts Bible over “bad morals”

Considering the Bible is a couple of thousand years old, you just can’t keep it out of the news these days. Following the lunatic Bible burning in North Carolina and R Crumb’s tits and arse version of Genesis, now we have Jose Saramago, the Nobel Prize-winning author of Blindness, slamming the Bible as a “handbook of bad morals”.

“The Bible is a manual of bad morals (which) has a powerful influence on our culture and even our way of life. Without the Bible, we would be different, and probably better people,” he said.

Saramago has a track record here. In 1992 he wrote The Gospel According to Jesus Christ and detailed Jesus losing his virginity to Mary Magdalene.

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Richard Davies

2 Responses to “Jose Saramago blasts Bible over “bad morals””

  1. Which Bible, pray? The Hebrew Bible? The Coptic Bible? The Vulcan? The Maronite one? The Greek Orthodox version? Russian Orthodox? The Old/New Testament/s? And so on. So what’s the complete truth, and where is its wholeness?

    Then we have the recent discoveries of three more new Gospels According to 1) Mary, 2) Thomas, and 3) Judas Iscariot. At this rate, there could certainly be some more, no?

    So, when will the full Biblical picture emerge, if ever?

    My other main point is: Why is a historical faith such as Christianity and a historical figure such as Jesus Christ are still muddled up in fabulist obscurity because of incomplete documentation?

    Quite another bafflelment I have is: Do we practice Paulinism or Christianity? Does Paul impose his own isms on us by piggybacking on Christ’s life and teaching?

    What I’ve mentioned above are merely the tip of Christianity’s Mount Everest. The truth is out there somewhere, but Christians haven’t got it
    yet, even after 2009 years. So questions and speculations on the singular authencity of Christianity as a religion will continue until the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the historical truth is revealed to us through a Complete Bible.

    Thank you!

    Peter J. Karthak
    Copy Editor, Republica
    Nepal Republic Media Pvt Ltd
    JDA Office Complex, Sun Dhara, Kathmandu

  2. Richard Davies

    I believe Jose thinks all versions of the Bible are tarred with the same brush.