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75 Most Iconic DC Comic Book Covers

Goodcomics.com is spending November celebrating DC Comics’ 75th Anniversary. How, you ask? By combing through the unimaginable numbers of covers from 75 years of DC comics, posting a few a day, and at the end, having readers vote on their top 10. The result will be a list of the 75 most iconic comic book covers in DC Comics history!

This has been going on for a few weeks now, so the master list is pretty impressive already. Go have a look – voting starts November 23rd!

So far, this would be my top ten:

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Beth Carswell

About Beth Carswell

I've been reading, selling, researching, loving and writing about books with AbeBooks since 2000.

3 Responses to “75 Most Iconic DC Comic Book Covers”

  1. Superman can totally beat Mohammad Ali. Not cool, DC.

    Also, that Killing Joke is one of the most vile books I’ve ever read. Good stuff.

  2. Beth Carswell

    Gabriel – Muhammad Ali is real, Superman is fictional. All ali would have to do would be to ask Superman to contemplate his own existence, and he would disappear.

    Also, he punches REALLY hard.


    The Killing Joke – is that the one with the demise of batgirl? I’ve never read it, quite honestly. But I know a guy with a Killing Joke cover tattoo.

  3. That tattoo sounds MESSED UP, ELIZABETHC.

    Muhammad Ali is real so he wouldn’t have kryptonite fists. A-duh