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Best Words of the Past Decade

I love this post on The Guardian’s Book Blog – it’s a collection of “neoglisms”  (new words) from the past 10 years.   Here’s a selection of my favourites from the list but it is worth a visit to The Guardian to see the full list.

  • witches’ knickers (Ireland) shopping bags caught in trees, flapping in the wind
  • glomp (US campus) to jump and hug someone from behind
  • trout pout (UK) the effects of collagen injections that produce prominent, comically oversized lips resembling those of a dead fish
  • smirting (New York) flirting between people who are smoking cigarettes outside a no-smoking building.
  • huburb (US) its own little city within another city
  • elevens the creases between one’s eyebrows from squinting or frowning
  • California licence plate (US) a tattoo on the lower back
  • open the kimono (US) to expose or reveal secrets or proprietary information
  • banana fold (North Carolina) fat below the buttocks
  • Anna Kournikova when an Ace and King are held (allegedly so called because it looks a good hand but in fact rarely wins anything)
  • menoporsche (UK) the phenomenon of middle-aged men attempting to recapture their lost youth by buying an expensive sports car
  • fox hole (UK) the area beneath desk where telephone calls can take place peacefully
  • twuncing (UK) when walkers drive two cars to the end point of their walk, and then ride together in one car to the starting point; after the walk they drive together to the starting point to collect the other vehicle
  • catch a falling knife to buy a stock as its price is going down, in hopes that it will go back up, only to have it continue to fall
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