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Bookbridge Mongolia


You may remember we blogged last year about the charity project BookBridge Mongolia, dedicated to helping educate Mongolian children by creating and maintaining a library of English-language books. This year again we’d like to ask for help on their behalf. If you have any English-language children’s, picture or youth books (appropriate for ages 6-16), please consider donating them to this very worthy cause to help the children of Mongolia out of poverty and into a bright future.

The BookBridge team can best articulate their own needs. Here is a press release from them:

“Dear AbeBooks Customers,

bookstackNot all school children have big school backpacks filled with books. In Southern Mongolia, we experienced what it means to learn English without any books. Last summer, jointly with AbeBooks, we took action and established a library with 13,000 English books, providing more than 25,000 children a basis to help themselves.

With your help, we aim at establishing three more English libraries in Mongolia next year. In order to reach this goal, we need your help:

We look for used English children, picture, and youth books. Easy lessons with a lot of pictures help the most. Please keep in mind that they are intended for school children aged between 6 and 16. All donations are welcome.

By quickly checking your book shelves at home or asking your local neighborhood to support this initiative, you can find out if you have used books which can positively impact the life of thousands of school children in Mongolia.

Please send your book donation to the following address:

BookBridge, Kuehne + Nagel, Midpoint Park, Minworth, Birmingham B76 1BL

Many Mongolian school children look forward to your donation.

Warm regards,

The BookBridge Team

E-Mail: uk@bookbridge.org
Web: www.bookbridge.org”

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8 Responses to “Bookbridge Mongolia”

  1. Maybe a stupid question but is the address in Mongolia?! The end is Birmingham B76 1BL- when I take my donated books to the post they will ask where is this going—I can’t tell them- Please advise or look again at the posted address

  2. I checked in the website and this address is in the United Kingdom.

  3. Dear Christy,

    Thanks for your message. This is our address in the UK. We will take care of delivering your books from the UK to Mongolia.

    Thanks for your help and donation!


  4. Any address for the US??? It would be too expensive for me to ship books to the UK when I can find a charity here. Thanks.

  5. Hello where in Mongolia is book-bridge located and what is the nearest Airport when you are sending the books ?
    also who is accepting the shipment? should it go thru Mongolian customs, it is possible that there is a custom fee as well to be paid, or books have to ” change” hands
    instaed a fee?
    all is possible in those 3rd world type countries .
    thanks you
    Sigi >
    I like to make sure that theses books ar not sold in a Market

  6. Beth Carswell

    Hello Sigi, Thank you for your interest. Please direct questions about the project to BookBridge Mongolia through there contact link, here: http://www.bookbridgemongolia.org/bookbridge/contact.html

  7. Suzie Card Clarke March 3, 2010 at 4:02 am

    Do you have someone doing a collection in Greece ? I would love to be able to donate. Thank you.

  8. Any address in Australia to send books to ? Thanks