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Surreal World of Salvador Dali: Books by him & about him

dali-by-daliTo kids just starting to learn about art, Salvador Dali is famous for painting floppy clocks (The Persistence of Memory is that famous 1931 painting’s actual name) and having a remarkable moustache. To art critics, he is the master of surrealism. To cultural critics, Dali’s work was overshadowed by his eccentric personality. To many Spaniards, he was too closely associated with General Franco’s authoritarian regime. George Orwell called him “a disgusting human being.”

Dali produced more than 1,500 paintings, illustrated many books, designed theater sets and costumes, sculpted, wrote a novel and worked Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Buñuel and Walt Disney. Today, collectors regularly pay handsome sums for copies of Dali’s most collectible books such his famous cookbook, Les Diners de Gala, and his acclaimed illustrated edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy with 100 woodcuts.

Click to learn more about the books by him and about him.

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Richard Davies

5 Responses to “Surreal World of Salvador Dali: Books by him & about him”

  1. This reminded me of a very early BBC television programme where Salvador Dali was the mystery guest on the panel game “What’s My Line?”. I don’t have the link but it’s on YouTube – and is really amusing.

  2. Richard Davies
    Richard Davies July 20, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    That’s the finest piece of television I have seen in years…..

  3. http://www.theartistsalvadordali.com/salvador-dali.htm – Dali’s use of symbolism in his art stretched from clock’s to the rose to the crucifx and beyond – changing how we feel about these symbols or at least giving us a new way to look at the world. he’s amazing!

  4. I’m a big fan of Dali and always amazed by the sheer volume of works his creative mind put out.