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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother sparks parenting row

battle-hymnExcellent, our first bookish controversy of 2011. The Barney Rubble is all about Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, an autobiographical study of why western parents are crap at bringing up kids, written by Yale law professor Amy Chua.

Sadly, Amy Chua called one of her two daughters Lulu so she is obviously off her rocker. I wouldn’t call a poodle Lulu, let alone a human being. The book reveals how Chua used the strict Chinese-style child-rearing model she inherited from her parents. The Guardian has story.

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Richard Davies

8 Responses to “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother sparks parenting row”

  1. Amy Chua is no stranger to controversy, or at least not adverse to goosing the herd animals that worship received wisdom.. Get a copy of her first book, “World on Fire”.

  2. I came across an article written by Amy Chua in The Straits Times on Jan 15 and it spoke of how Chinese mothers nurture their children towards intellectual perfection. This is very true and is happening in societies such as in Singapore, China, HK and Taiwan. I am getting the book to find out more.

  3. Yeah right.

    Shes a bit off her rocker.

    I wonder how many times she has been back to China to see first hand the way they raise kids( or lack there of) basically you can excell and do well at school but u will suck at life. You know the thing we live day to day.

    I wonder if shes see how the chinese in china have the one of the highest PRE TEEN SUICIDE rate.

    Crock of shit.

  4. If you’re looking for a hilarious counterpoint to Amy Chua’s book, try Dunces Anonymous by Kate Jaimet. It’s a kids’ book (aimed at pre-teens) in which 3 children cook up a series of schemes to subvert the plans of their over-ambitious parents.

  5. Well, the curriculum in China, for starters , is much harder than that of the ones in the west, and putting children under that kind of pressure is difficult but if one’s raising a child in the west, I feel that kind of discipline should be enforced, because the school asks for so little from the children, Chinese kids face pressure from the sch and from their homes , whereas the pressure to excell is much lesser in western schools, it’s not asked for, it’s the kids’ responsibility , and parents have to push the kids to do more , before their kids blame them for being too lenient(hence causing their lack of achievement ) in the future.

  6. I guess I just measure success differently than Amy Chua does. And thank goodness, my parents did too. Extremism in anything is a lonely way to go.

  7. Rock, China does not have the highest suicide rate. Please see report:


  8. If i was her son, i’ll be dead before i was born..

    Hmm, maybe my next soul better be a cat or dog than being with that devil.