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Archive | August, 2011

Book Titles With a Letter Missing

I’m on a roll today. This is too good to not blog about – book titles with a letter missing. I agree with Bookiliciousblog.com that these are some of the best ones being posted on twitter (#bookswithalettermissing). These are really good (and so clever): Moby Ick O Hello Velveteen Rabbi Liver Twist Ok, let’s come […]

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I read Beowulf, Don Quixote and Heart of Darkness Today – What Have You Done?

Read the classics in seconds with the help of Book-A-Minute Classics

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Neighbourhood Book Lending Box

Book exchange box found amongst the hollyhocks while on a evening bike ride.

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Most literary graveyards

The Publishers Weekly blog asks which graveyard is the most literary, and doesn’t even mention Highgate Cemetery in London. Highgate’s East Cemetery contains: Douglas Adams, novelist Lucy Lane Clifford, novelist George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans), novelist, Karl Marx, economist Dachine Rainer, poet Highgate’s West Cemetery contains Beryl Bainbridge, novelist Lots of the Charles Dickens […]

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Signed copies of Dick Cheney’s memoir

Dick Cheney’s memoir, In My Time, is out, reports the Jacket Copy blog. Like George Bush’s book, Decision Points, it’s not my cup of tea but it’s going to do well. “There are gonna be heads exploding all over Washington,” said Dick Cheney to NBC on Monday night. AbeBooks already has some signed copies of […]

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Hurricane Irene causes US postal delays

With the effects of Hurricane Irene still being felt, the United States Postal Service has announced delayed mail service in some parts of the following states: • Pennsylvania • New Jersey • North Carolina • Virginia • Maryland • Massachusetts • New York Clearly, there are still many problems with flooding and power outages along […]

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Soundtracks for ebooks

Technology marches on. Ebooks are going to have soundtracks. The days of a quiet read are over. Last week, the first so-called “enhanced ebook” was released in the UK – it was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Speckled Band and it came complete with driving rain, thunderclaps and blood-curdling screams. It […]

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Snape voted favorite Harry Potter character

Severus Snape has been voted the favorite character from the Harry Potter books with 70,000 votes being cast in the ballot, which had a 4% higher turnout than the last general election in the UK. Hermione Granger took second place. Potter himself trailed in fourth – a woeful showing considering the books are called Harry […]

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Dear Diary: Collectible Diaries from Che to Rudolph Valentino

Dip into the diaries of Lawrence of Arabia, Che Guevara, Jean Cocteau, Rudolph Valentino, Captain W.E. Johns and many others.

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AbeBooks’ Video Review: What To Make For Children by Popular Mechanics

My colleague Julie reviews a long forgotten book from 1947 – What To Make For Children by Popular Mechanics. Blimey – take a look at the complexity of these projects. Look at the portable baby crib (a sort of wooden coffin) that sits on the backseat of a car! They put people in prison for […]

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