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We hate the “I Hate Reading’ Facebook page

And to cap off a great week of plunging share prices and riots on the streets, there is a ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook page with 438,544 likes. Somebody should set up the ‘I Hate the I Hate Reading Page’ page on Facebook. (I know hate is a strong word and my mother told me never to use it, but they started this – although I like to think these people just haven’t found the right book yet.)

Here is the official AbeBooks.com reply to the ‘We Hate Reading’ Facebook page – it’s a video entitled Long Live the Book created by Lindsay Thompson. We love this video and Lindsay did an amazing job – she even wrote and performed the soundtrack. We love reading, we love books.

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Richard Davies

14 Responses to “We hate the “I Hate Reading’ Facebook page”

  1. That is beautiful – and a wonderful response. Maybe a “love reading” page would be better than a “hate the haters” – and then you could post this.

  2. Candice Coghill August 15, 2011 at 11:57 am

    This is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen :) Thank you and congratulations !

  3. Richard Davies

    You are welcome.

  4. The Facebook group is filed under “Places”, leading me to suspect that it is an “I hate Reading” page, most likely concerning the town in Berkshire (an easy place to hate)

  5. This is great. I’m going to repost on my page!

  6. Truly beautiful. Another thing books are is wonderful gifts I love to give and receive. To hate books one must hate to learn, create, be inspired, travel to another’s world, hold your breath in suspense, or prepare a fine meal.

  7. If you feel the need to reply to anti-literates with a video the cause is already lost.
    Just gas them all.

  8. Yes, as Forbury Lion says, this page is referring to Reading, Berkshire, UK. It is pronounced “Redding”. And seriously, if you’d ever been there, you’d understand why…

  9. I associate the word “hate” largely with children’s reactions to spinach. Perhaps responses to this facebook page should have check-off categories such as: I can’t keep my mind focused on more than a page at a time, or: I don’t like sitting still for more than five minutes, or: it reminds me of all that required reading I had to do in school, or: reading means you have to use your mind, dude. It sucks. Hey, how’s about a beer run before wrestling comes on?


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