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Booklovers strike back with I Hate the I Hate Reading Facebook page

Book people might seem like calm, mild-mannered and reasoned folks, but never make them angry. Books and reading are sacred to these people and the whole ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook page (and I’m not going to link to it) debacle has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

It appears someone has taken my advice from earlier this month and indeed created an ‘I Hate The I Hate Reading’ Facebook page. Well done to that person and to everyone who is liking and leaving positive comments on the page. Get liking!

In case you missed our reply to the ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook page, here is another opportunity to watch our ‘Long Live the Book’ video which illustrates all the wonderful aspects of books and reading. And thanks from AbeBooks to everyone for all the kind words about this video.

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