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Slavery book on prison’s banned books list?

A prisoner in an Alabama jail claims his jailers have prevented him from reading a Pulitzer prize-winning book called Slavery By Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II written by Douglas Blackmon. The Guardian reports. The prisoner is serving a life sentence after being charged at 14 with helping his older brother commit two murders. The books tells of thousands of people who were enslaved after the abolition of slavery.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Slavery book on prison’s banned books list?”

  1. About Banned Books:

    Some things need to be banned. It sounds harsh, but think about it- We don’t let porn in libraries for kids, or bomb making instructions in school libraries, do we?

    Some things are just as dangerous, such as hate speech against a minority group or even a religion.

    One such book is going around on line, which means that no body in the world governs it at all. The only thing we can do is try to stop the publisher, Orange Cat Publishing, from releasing the work this October first.

    It’s called Keeley Thomson:Demon Girl and is by K.L. Byron. Kids have already been reading it illegally (file sharing sites and a leaked copy) online.

    We must work together to stop such things, or the whole Christian faith will be threatened!

    Thank you for choosing to work with us against works that promote distain for Christian thought.