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The Bookstore Comes Alive at Night

When it’s dark, and the last customer has left… the proprietor’s gone home, the lights are out and the door is locked…the books can shed the silly pretense of being inanimate objects, shake off the constraints of the day-to-day shelf, and get on with the joyous, celebratory business of being a book.

Love it. Beautiful.

via Bolen Books

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Beth Carswell

About Beth Carswell

I've been reading, selling, researching, loving and writing about books with AbeBooks since 2000.

2 Responses to “The Bookstore Comes Alive at Night”

  1. Thank you SO much for posting this! I love knowing that I am not alone in believing that books are beings too!

  2. Beautiful!

    I’m going to have to disagree with George Orwell on this point: for me, however many frustrations there are in a day working at a bookshop books and bookshops never quite lose their magic.