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Rare Veterinary Books

The oldest title in this selection of historic veterinary books was printed in 1756. In those days, man’s best friend was the horse and equine health was a vital area of medical science.

Once used by farriers, farmers and veterinarians, these books are now treasured by collectors. From hoof to tail, trotter to toe, these are the early animal care books the experts turned to. Enjoy.

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Beth Carswell

About Beth Carswell

I've been reading, selling, researching, loving and writing about books with AbeBooks since 2000.

2 Responses to “Rare Veterinary Books”

  1. Since this feature deals mostly with horses, why not create one on apes/monkeys/simians/primates? I’ve been thinking about this after seeing the chimps ‘reading’ books that I linked you to on another article that I commented on. There are many great works of fiction and non-fiction related to them, such as ‘Planet of the Apes’ by Pierre Boulle (fiction), ‘Congo’ by Michael Crichton (fiction), ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ by Dian Fossey (non-fic), ‘The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore’ by Benjamin Hale (fiction), ‘The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary’ by Andrew Westoll (Canadian non-fic), ‘Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn (fiction), ‘Ape House’ by Sara Gruen (fiction), ‘In the Shadow of Man’ and ‘My Life with the Chimpanzees’ by Jane Goodall (non-fic), ‘Great Apes’ by Will Self (fiction), ‘Next of Kin’ by Roger Fouts (non-fiction), ‘Nim Chimpsky’ by Elizabeth Hess (non-fic, made into a documentary film called ‘Project Nim’), and don’t forget the ‘Tarzan’ series and the ‘Curious George’ books for kids. These are just for starters!

  2. Richard Davies

    It’s a crazy idea but it might just work. That’s a fine list. Thanks.