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Supermarket row in Hay-on-Wye

Plans to build a supermarket have caused uproar in Hay-on-Wye, the used book capital of the world, reports the Daily Telegraph. Reading through this story, I am reminded a little of Blot on the Landscape by Tom Sharpe.

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Richard Davies

One Response to “Supermarket row in Hay-on-Wye”

  1. The first and only really successful second hand book town in the world faces the threat that all bookshops face but with the double jeopardy of a retail giant waiting to move in. Hay is the smallest target to date and, once the food shops are forced to close, the tourists will dwindle – no-one wants to visit these half-dead towns, full of pound shops. And as the shops close and tourism dies, everyone suffers – the B&Bs, pubs, cafes and all the trades which support them. But the supermarkets carry on. They still have a grocery market – everyone has to eat. Tesco, the most expensive after Waitrose, is opening 200 new shops a year, while Asda, at the other end, say they will open 100.
    What hope is there for the nation of shopkeepers?