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March Madness Day 2

Welcome to Day two of March Madness, here at the Bookdome.

Today’s HEAD TO HEAD bout for best-looking book cover is between Vault: An Anti-Novel by David Rose (the 2011 Salt paperback edition) and A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig & Other Essays by Charles Lamb (Penguin, 2011).

Both covers are gorgeous and stylish, in very different ways. Visit the page, decide which you like better, and click “Like” next to your choice to submit your vote.

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Beth Carswell

About Beth Carswell

I've been reading, selling, researching, loving and writing about books with AbeBooks since 2000.

3 Responses to “March Madness Day 2”

  1. I have been a enthusiastic participant in Abebooks for years. I’ve bought nearly 100 books over time; for myself, as gifts, sometimes to sell on. My purchases have ranged from religious arguments printed in the 1780s to signed 1st editions of the latest release from a favorite author. I have participated in Reading Copy articles when I had something to contribute. I can’t think of a web site that I value more highly than Abebooks. Like most Abebooks fans I am still in love with the physical book, may it always be so. So I was annoyed when I saw I had to sign up to Facebook to vote. I am not a herd animal. Nor am I a closet Luddite. It is also true that the contest does not originate with Abebooks, but is a link. And I won’t be voting.
    But doesn’t this bug anyone else? That’s all, I will behave now.

    Tom C
    W Haverstraw, NY

  2. Richard Davies
    Richard Davies March 6, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Hi Tom

    We deeply appreciate your business over the years. The Judging Books by their Covers is just a bit of fun. If you are not into Facebook, then don’t vote or even sign up for Facebook. We don’t mind.


  3. I might not have come across as intended. Sorry. I was commenting more on our increasing entanglement with technology than anything else, and certainly didn’t infer a negative reflection on Abe. Stating my history with Abebooks might seem a bit pompous(for lack of a better word) or full of myself, but again that was not intended.

    Oh well, too much time has already been spent discussing this.