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Triffids rule on February’s most expensive sales

I am a fan of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and was thrilled to see a signed copy sell for $14,500 during February on AbeBooks.

I read it after seeing the BBC adaptation in 1981. I loved the book and the TV series. It sounds crazy but Wyndham’s storyline works extremely well. The bad guys are shuffling but murderous plants with a taste for human flesh. That might seem far-fetched but Wyndham was a talented writer and keeps you turning the pages. In science fiction circles, this 1951 book is very influential although Wyndham himself acknowledged the influence of HG Wells on his own work.

Our list of the top 10 sales during February also includes a legendary Russian, an American president and two Austrians – one musical, one psychoanalytical.

See the list.

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Richard Davies

3 Responses to “Triffids rule on February’s most expensive sales”

  1. Wyndham has been one of my favorites since I was very young. I thought Chocky was excellent, as well. Wyndham was an interesting fellow, too.

  2. Wyndham is a great author


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