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Beautiful Antique Gardening Book: Vegetables, Fruits and More

Just so we’re clear – I do not have anywhere close to $1200 to spare to spend on a book (though…mortgage payments are so overrated). But if I did, I’d choose this one. I can’t stop looking at the images the bookseller included on the listing.

The book is called The Instructive Picture Book; Or Lessons From the Vegetable World, by Charlotte M. Yonge, 1858.

The images shown, three in all (below, for your pleasure), are so incredibly gorgeous. Look how stunning those color plates are. What’s funny is that while it is a non-fiction, naturalist title, the author, Charlotte Mary Yonge, was primarily a novelist. During the 19th century she published approximately 160 works, most of which were novels. She was most famous for The Heir of Redclyffe, a religious-toned romance novel.

We have 8 copies of The Instructive Picture Book; Or Lessons From the Vegetable World available on the site. The lush edition pictured here has 31 double-page color plates. Some other editions have single-page plates only, or 19 plates only. But any would certainly be an exquisite and rare gift for the gardener, artist or book collector. Or me!

Look how lovely:

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Antique Gardening Book: Vegetables, Fruits and More”

  1. Beth, These are stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Beth Carswell
    Beth Carswell June 22, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    You’re most welcome, Kathleen – thanks for the comment, and glad you enjoyed!