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2 Responses to “AbeBooks bestsellers April 2012”

  1. Today, May 4, 2012 I wanted to purchase 4 books by Jonathan Cahn titled Harbinger.
    Your site wouldn’t let me purchase 4 all at one time so I TRIED to purchase them one by one. It wasn’t simple and I think I ended up buying a lot more. I know the price was way too much. It should have been $13.25 each or total $53.00. Please adjust that for me Three of them should go to my Bringhurst address. The fourth one should go to Victoria Ledesma, 1545 N. Roy Ave, Melrose Park, Il 60160. Any questions please call at 765-566-3366. Thanks Nancy Kern

  2. Richard Davies
    Richard Davies May 4, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Hi Nancy, someone from Customer Service will contact you ASAP.