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New Mexico Woman Arrested for Overdue “Twilight” Book

A New Mexico woman is angry after being arrested in front of her five children on June 12th. Lori Teel of Portales, New Mexico was arrested and handcuffed and forced to leave her kids in a neighbor’s care until she was released on a $610 bail bond the following morning.

Officers responded to complaints that Teel’s husband Jimmy was involved in an assault. While at the Teels’ home, they realized there was a warrant for Lori Teel and placed her under arrest. The charges? Failure to return one copy of “Twilight” the book by Stephenie Meyer, and a two-DVD set of “Twilight: New Moon” to the Portales library, resulting in $35.98 worth of overdue fines, and upon her failure to pay, a summons to appear in Municipal Court. Teel claims that the notices and summons were sent to an out-of-date address, and that she never received any notification about the overdue materials, and in fact did not even remember borrowing them. After her failure to appear, the warrant for her arrest was issued.

All charges against Teel were dismissed on Monday. Teel stated that she was traumatized and humiliated by the incident, and is filing a legal claim as a result.

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