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New York man gets medieval on King James Bible

A retired interior designer from upstate New York named Phillip Patterson recently decided that he wanted to learn more about the bible, so for the past six years he has spent upwards of 14 hours a day copying out the passages of the King James bible line by line; in much the same way that it was done in the years before Johannes Guttenberg revolutionized the world with movable type. 

Patterson describes his approach to the project as more scholarly than religious in nature, however he does plan to spend the next year binding his 2,400 page manuscript before he will donate it to his local church St. Peter’s Presbyterian in Spencertown, New York. 

I think this is a fantastic project and will make an amazing artifact for St. Peter’s Presbyterian.  The look and feel of an autograph manuscript bible is something to behold.

Story from Fine Books Magazine

Posted by on May 14, 2013.

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