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Eugene O’Neill’s underpants for sale


When it comes to collectible literary underwear, Johnnycake Books, up in Salisbury, Connecticut, is hard to beat. A pair of Eugene O’Neill’s boxer shorts are being offered for sale by this particular bookseller for the grand price of $1,750.

They are pale blue, size 32 with the initials “E O’N” stitched into the waist-band.  Eugene O’Neill used to live in Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts, and apparently left the underwear behind when he moved on. They are listed as being in fine condition (take that description with a wry smile).

Johnnycake Books is an open bookshop and has been selling online since 1996. According to its website: “Our storefront, which resulted from our Internet success, is located in the small Connecticut town of Salisbury. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, our shop is housed in a 19th-century farmer’s cottage. Surrounded by perennial gardens, Johnnycake Books is a place for relaxation, perusal, and acquisition of the fine volumes in our collection.”

Dan Dwyer owns the business and has a varied background, including working for Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential campaign and then serving in the White House. He has also worked for CBS TV. A Johnnycake is a New England corncake.


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Richard Davies

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