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The irrelevance of books

Nic Boshart, the digital services coordinator at the Association of Canadian Publishers, recently posted a very thought-provoking and urgent call for book publishers to be more open at The Literary Platform. [via Joe Clark] The closing of This Ain’t the Rosedale Library (one of then best independent bookstore in Canada, Toronto landmark, and Abebooks seller) got […]

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Secret NY writers’ den exposed

In a building that once housed the main branch of the New York Public Library, there’s a highly exclusive and hidden room meant just for writers. It’s the Allen Room, and only 40 to 50 people have a key. It’s an elite group, too; writers need to provide a photocopy of a book contract to […]

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A $400 colouring book

From a list of colouring books for grownups, I just found a lovely post on recto|verso about a colouring book from the 1860s: Nouveau Cours Élémentaire de Coloris et d’Aquarelle: Suivi de Considérations sur la Peinture Orientale. Made to teach basic colouring skills, each image has a coloured example and a black-and-white worksheet for students. […]

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Bad Covers: a problem with science fiction

Pulp science fiction paperbacks were a base staple of my young life. But after growing up and becoming a design nerd, those paperbacks are a little… embarrassing. For every well-designed book cover (like David Pelham’s cover of Clockwork Orange), there’s three terrible illustrations of floating orange skycars and lizard-faced aliens. They can be so bad […]

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The Betamax of Printing

Peter Harrington Books of London just started up a blog about interesting items at their book shop (found due to the Fresh Signals news feed at Coudal.com). Today they shared a very rare find: a leaf from the block book Ars Moriendi, The Art of Dying. What they and I find interesting is the method […]

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Book bikes

For two years Gabriel Levinson has been pedaling a custom tricycle around Chicago, giving away free books to anyone. This summer, he’s filling his bike with works from independent publishers: high-end literary works, handmade zines, and all sorts of books between. Last month Levinson held a fund drive to raise $1,000 to cover the cost […]

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Al Franken: From Saturday Night Live to Senate

In one of the closest senate races in US history, comedian and author Al Franken (D) is poised to defeat incumbent Senator Norm Coleman (R) in Minnesota. The recount, which is still underway, has reversed Coleman’s Election Day lead and leaves Franken with a razor thin 50 vote margin out of over 2.8 million votes […]

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Book Club News: Pride and Prejudice

The AbeBooks’ Avid Reader book club is currently reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. We’re having a lively conversation on the AbeBooks’ community forums. It’s a great work of English literature and there’s so much to discuss. New-comers are always welcome.

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Collectible Alfred Russel Wallace

Most people have never heard of Alfred Russel Wallace. The British naturalist and biologist had a successful scientific career, yet never rose to mainstream appeal or fame. That being said, 2009 looks to be a very good year for Wallace, who died almost 100 years ago. Alfred Russel Wallace is the little known genetic researcher […]

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