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F Scott Fitzgerald Movie

News reports this morning claim that actress Keira Knightley is in negotiations to play the role of Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of legendary Jazz Age author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The role would be in an upcoming film scheduled to begin shooting next April as a biopic about the life and times of the famous author. […]

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More Books for Troubled Economic Times

Following up further from the Financial Times Book Prize shortlist yesterday, LiveMint have shared a list of the seven best books for troubled financial times:  A Short History of Financial Euphoria by John Kenneth Galbraith When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis Money Game by Adam Smith Reminiscences of the Stock […]

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Poor Economics Make for Good Reading

Finding positivity in tough economic times, the Financial Times announced today the shortlist for the 2008 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. The award, which selects the best business themed book of the year, is still ironically filled with positive themed books such as William Bernstein’s A Splendid Exchange. Due […]

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William Carlos Williams

Born on this day in 1883, William Carlos Williams was both a physician as well as an acclaimed American poet. His biographer claimed he worked harder at being a writer than he did a physician, although he excelled at both. Fondly remembered as the author of Paterson and The Great American Novel, amongst many others, […]

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Barack Obama Art

An article yesterday in Publisher’s Weekly highlighted the demand and popularity of art books. As publishers try to cash in on the booming demand for literary art, it gives a great opportunity to highlight some of the rare and collectible art books here on AbeBooks.com Art books have long been a major facet of the […]

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Book Club currently reading Things Fall Apart

The AbeBooks Avid Reader Book Club is currently reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe during September. It’s a short read, but certainly packs a punch. The novel depicts the start of British colonialism in Nigeria and the impact it has on one Ibo community. It’s is considered the birth of African literature and is […]

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Jesse Owens: The Man Who Outran Hitler

On Sept. 12, 1913, Jesse Owens, the American black man who caused a sensation at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin by winning four gold medals, was born. His incredible story of confronting racism and fascism through athletic acheivement is told in the book Jesse: The Man Who Outran Hitler. He died March 31, 1980.

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The Irregulars: The Story of Roald Dahl as a Spy

Roald Dahl is known mostly for his magnificent novels that have captivated readers for years, but on September 9th a new book by Jennet Conant will expose aspects of his personal life that are just as intriguing as the stories he wove. The Irregulars details the years where Dahl, a wounded airman was posted to […]

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Jesse James – American Outlaw

The legendary founder of the James-Younger Gang, Jesse James exploits in the heyday of the American Wild West have been revered for well over a century. Born on this day in 1847, Jesse James has been immensely popular in literature through the years, with many works about him becoming extremely collectible. Headlining the list of […]

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Doctor Zhivago, On The Road published on this day in history

Published 50 years ago today, Doctor Zhivago was heralded at the time as a great literary event, but new details are now also emerging of the significance of its political role during the Cold War. The story of the book itself was already worthy of a thriller, but Moscow based researcher Ivan Tolstoy now claims […]

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