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Antiquarian Medical Books: Bloodletting and Beyond

We’ve just done a feature on collectible medical books, and it was fascinating to find all of the old techniques and beliefs about medicine and the human body in the books from decades and centuries ago. While medicine has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years, the constant evolution of its tools and […]

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Another Book Art Gift from Edinburgh’s Mystery Paper Sculptor

O happy day! We reported a year and a half ago that it looked as though the marvelous and mysterious paper book sculptures that had been opping up all over Edinburgh were at an end. Now it appears that may not be the case after all, as another has appeared, this time at Leith Library. […]

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The Prettiest Publications of the Past

What constituted a beautiful book a century ago? We’ve found 30 books that tell the story well. Highly decorated cloth, ornate scrollwork, symmetrical and floral patterns, gilt, embossing, debossing and more – these covers make us want to touch them, own them and display them.

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The Cat (in the Hat) Came Back, the very next….decades?

I love a feel-good story out there in the book world, and this one is sure to give you the warm fuzzies. It takes place here on Vancouver Island, where you’ll find AbeBooks headquarters nestled just a hop, skip and jump away from downtown. Fans may know that Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, […]

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10 Literary-Themed Restaurants

It’s not news that books and food go together well. Obviously we think so – you can read our posts on the 50 Best Food Memoirs, Penguin’s Great Food Series, The Best Literary Recipes, and Fiction in the Kitchen: 30 Culinary Novels to name just a few. Reading and eating are two of the great […]

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Trailer for The Hobbit Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug

All of my most ardent Tolkien-fan friends are both irritated that Peter Jackson has turned his film adaptation of The Hobbit into another three-part epic. It was reasonable with The Lord of The Rings (which was a three-book series), but critics are suggesting he’s really milking it for all it’s worth here. That said, after […]

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Iain Banks February 15th 1954 – June 9th 2013

Very sad literary news today – just two months after making a public statement about his illness, Iain Banks passed away today at age 59. The Scottish author had been suffering from cancer of the gall bladder. Banks was best known for his novel The Wasp Factory, though he was quite prolific and wrote many […]

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If The Smiths Sang About Charles Dickens…

In one of our Ask AbeBooks videos, we answered a letter from a woman seeking suggestions to keep her attention-span-challenged kid engaged when reading about school subjects. One of the suggestions that my colleague Richard made was for Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories series . Featuring titles such as The Vile Victorians, Ruthless Romans and Awful […]

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English Satire Author Tom Sharpe Dies

Famously sharp-witted satire novelist Tom Sharpe has died. Sharpe was revered throughout England and beyond as one of the funniest writers going, despite some of his more delicate readers being turned off by his vulgarity and refusal to shy away from hilarious and dirty sex scenes. Sharpe was best-known for his five part Wilt series, […]

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The Most Expensive Book Sales in May

Our most expensive book sales in May tell a fascinating story. The British Empire still stretched around the world during the Edwardian era. The British traveled and imposed their colonial ways, but a few were also taking photographs. John Claude White was part of a military expedition to Tibet in 1904 and his pioneering photographs […]

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