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21 Booksellers Who Blog

Many AbeBooks booksellers are also dedicated bloggers. Each seller’s blog is one of a kind, created with a deep love of books – from sharing images of vintage cover art, to cataloging recent acquisitions and sales, to publishing in-depth educational articles, to recounting highly entertaining stories of personal experiences, both in the trade and about […]

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Reviewing the last century in popular literature

If you are looking for another blog to add to your reading list Kahn’s Corner just started up, and looks like it might be an interesting read. The writer’s plan is to read and review the bestselling books from the past 100 years (as defined by Publishers Weekly annual bestsellers lists). His first review, for […]

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Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

See the theatrical trailer for Where the Wild Things Are!

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Book reviewer’s office

What does the office of a book reviewer look like? Something like this – here’s where Frank Wilson, book editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, spends his working hours.

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Cult of the Amateur

Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur, thinks bloggers don’t read and the Internet is killing culture. How ironic I found this news story on the Internet. The Guardian gives him rather a lot of column inches.

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Paper Cuts

Dwight Garner’s book blog, Paper Cuts, on behalf of the New York Times book review continues to gather pace. It is a very good blog indeed – every post is interesting. Find out what Julia Powell, author of Julie and Julia, is doing in Argentina. Plus find out what links Hank Aaron, Lauren Bacall, Warren […]

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Celebrity book collectors

The excellent Bookride blog has two great posts on celebrity book collectors. I knew about a few of these – people like Whoopi Goldberg and Johnny Depp – from chatting to a few booksellers, but not folks like Jimmy Page and Keith Richards.

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NY Times book review launches book blog

I saw Dwight Garner, a editor from the NY Times book review, two weeks ago at Book Expo America when he appeared on a panel about blogs. He was representing the old traditional media in the debate and immediately mentioned that the book review staff often dreaded Mondays when they logged to see how the […]

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Fans of rare books will enjoy Bookride, a vibrant blog from Any Amount of Books on Charing Cross Road in London – lots of interesting information on collecting and pricing (and a sprinkling of humour too).

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Wanted – more science fiction and fantasy books to be valued

Once again, we’re looking for people who have science fiction and fantasy books that they wanted valued? A few weeks ago, the Book Guys NPR show hosted a special on collecting sci-fi and fantasy books and several of our customers had books valued. Well, the show was so successful that the Book Guys will be […]

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