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Book Club of California to celebrate 100th anniversary in 2012

In the summer, I visited the Book Club of California in downtown San Francisco. One hundred years old in 2012, the Book Club is a haven for bibliophiles and has also published many beautiful books over the decades. Our latest feature sheds light on the Club’s mission and its history, includes a video tour and […]

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The mighty bookselling power of Oprah

My Publishers Lunch newsletter tells me how Nielsen Bookscan has tracked the sales of Oprah’s Book Club selections over the past 10 years: Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth – 3.37 million copies sold James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces – 2.7 million copies sold Elie Wiesel’s Night – 2.01 million copies sold Cormac McCarthy’s The […]

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Goodnight Dune

I like this mashup of Dune by Frank Herbert and Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. I feel so fashionable when I use words like “mashup.”

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Lisa Simpson Book Club

I recommend visiting the Lisa Simpson Book Club and catching up on all those literary references and gags from The Simpsons. “Well, I think we should invest in a set of The Great Books Of Western Civilization. Look at this ad from The New Republic For Kids: Each month, a new classic will be delivered […]

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Alice and Algrebra in Wonderland

The NY Times debates the inspiration for the characters in Alice in Wonderland. My seven-year-old daughter is currently reading this book after seeing a trailer for the movie on the TV. Last night I had to explain what a Dodo was. The NY Times says the book all comes down to algebra but I think […]

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Lost Booker Prize

This year’s twist on the Booker Prize is the “Lost Man Booker Prize” – apparently someone misplaced a Booker down the back of a sofa way back in 1971.

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Ten-times-ten Books Challenge (not the 100 Books Challenge)

Who do you think comes best out of this little legal tussle? LibraryThing.com or a company called American Reading? LibraryThing’s response made me laugh.

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Oprah nightmare for publishers

Oh the horror! If you look up towards the sky in Manhattan right now, you will see some very sad people dotted along the ever-so-high ledges of those massive media corporation buildings. Yes, just when book publishers thought life could not get any worse comes the news that Oprah Winfrey, the publisher’s best friend, will […]

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10 Reasons Why Book Club is Like Church

The Inkwell Bookstore in Falmouth, Massachusetts, has an excellent blog. Their post on 10 Reasons Why Book Club is like Church is very funny. 10. Half the participants are lonely old women, the other half are just there for the wine. 9. There’s always one member who not only falls asleep, they snore. 8. Miss […]

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Oprah’s Top 4 Summer Reads

Editor of  O Magazine Gayle King revealed their top4 picks from Oprah’s Summer Reading List: Columbine by Dave Cullen When we think of Columbine, we think of the Trench Coat Mafia; we think of Cassie Bernall, the girl we thought professed her faith before she was shot; and we think of the boy pulling himself […]

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