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Beth’s Best Reads of 2014

Every single year around this time, I find myself reflecting back on the books I’ve read since January 1st, and feeling: 1) mad at myself for not reading more; 2) mad at myself for wasting my life finishing that one really dreadful book; 3) delighted that I kept going through the hard bits of that […]

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Introducing Crap Taxidermy, the must-have coffee table book

The blog Crappy Taxidermy has spawned a book, Crap Taxidermy. If you thought no more damage could be done to an animal after its death, think again. This book features many examples of oddly posed animals, badly stuffed animals and bizarre animal hybrids created on some person’s kitchen table.  If you enjoy this book, then you […]

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The best travel book I’ve read recently

Travel writing is one of the genres that I dip in and out of. On Saturday, I visited Black Sheep Books on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and picked up a copy of Iron and Silk by Mark Salzman from the store’s rather good travel section. Salzman’s book is recommended by Paul Theroux in […]

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A Beautiful Mystery – Vivian Maier, Street Photographer

Our latest video lets you have a glimpse inside the most exciting photographic discovery so far this century. The mystery part begins in 2007 when an amateur historian took a chance at an auction house and bought some negatives and film. The wonder part begins in 1926, with the birth of Vivian Maier, who only […]

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And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini published today

Some authors churn out books nearly at the pace one would read them, but Khaled Hosseini takes his time with his craft.  It has been six years, less a day, since Khaled Hosseini published  A Thousand Splendid Suns; and  it is one week shy of the 10th anniversary of  his debut novel, The Kite Runner, […]

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Le Corbusier Le Grand

The latest AbeBooks video offering is a review and peek inside of the book Le Corbusier Le Grand, a stunning visual biography of the work and life of Swiss-French architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, more commonly known as Le Corbusier (an altered version of his maternal grandfather’s name).  Le Corbusier specialized in building solutions for exploding populations […]

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2012: The Year in Books – A Literary Review of 2012

What did 2012 in the book world look like? It was a year dominated by Fifty Shades of Grey. We lost Maurice Sendak, Ray Bradbury and Maeve Binchy. Hilary Mantel won the Booker Prize (for the second time) and nobody won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. J.K. Rowling returned, casually. Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, Junot […]

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The Avid Reader: Beth’s Best Reads of 2012

What was that whooshing sound, and why is my hair all ruffled? Ah yes, that must be 2012 flying by at the speed of light. How can it be almost 2013 already? It seems just yesterday we were nervously joking about the Mayan calendar, and now here we (still) are. Can it truly be that […]

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A book about one village’s war memorial

This looks like an interesting book – War Memorial by Clive Aslet., which is reviewed by the Daily Telegraph. Struck by the fact that a village close to his Devon home, Lydford on the edge of Dartmoor, had names not only from both world wars on its memorial, but also fatalities from the comparatively recent […]

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Marjorie Celona Interview

Marjorie Celona – if you haven’t heard the name before, remember you heard it here first, because she is going places. The Victoria, British Columbia-born author is on a launch tour for her debut novel right now. Simply titled Y, the novel has already generated all kinds of literary buzz, earned legions of devoted fans, […]

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