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A Booklover’s Paradise: Portland, Oregon

Discover the books from the diverse sellers located in one of America’s most bookish cities. More than 40 booksellers from Portland, Oregon, sell on AbeBooks and you can browse through their combined selection of new, used and rare books. If Paris is for lovers, Portland is a city for readers. If you’ve never been to […]

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Explore Neusser Antiquariat Bookstore in Neuss, Germany

Christi, a member of our North American team recently travelled to our German office and visited this wonderful bookshop in Nuess, near Dusseldorf. The bookshop is called Neusser Antiquariat. They’ve been in business for over 30 years, and spcialize in rare and collectible volumes, especially illustrated and art books. As well as capturing some lovely […]

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Help literary charities by listing local literary events on LibraryThing

Our good friends over at LibraryThing.com have announced a new initiative to help local bookstores and libraries promote their literary events and help raise money for literary charities. How are they doing this? For every bookstore and library event added to LibraryThing Local from now until January 1, LibraryThing will donate up to 15 cents […]

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Henry the Cat and His Bookshelf of Untold Riches

This lucky cat contemplating his next great read is Henry. Henry is one of two fur-acious readers from David Mason Books in Toronto, Ontario. David Mason Books has been in business for 40 years and is home to over 60,000 books, including 19th century British and American literature, modern first editions, Canadian literature, science, travel […]

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Pictures from the Vancouver Antiquarian Book Fair

Myself and my colleagues Eric and Lindsay from AbeBooks visited the Vancouver Antiquarian Book Fair earlier today. Located in UBC Robson in downtown Vancouver, the fair was busy and will attract more bibliophiles on Sunday when it runs from 10am to 5pm. Get down there if you can. Here is a preview in the Vancouver […]

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Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose – Books Will Find a Way

There is a little lunch spot here in Victoria, BC called Red Fish Blue Fish. It is situated on the docks of the Inner Harbour, and in the summer, the people in its line-up can probably be seen from space. it is very, very popular. But the reason I’m writing about it today is that […]

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On Bookselling: Mary Lacey of Nana’s Treasured Books

For those readers who may not be entirely certain how the AbeBooks platform works: we are a marketplace. When you search for a book on AbeBooks, you are searching the inventories of thousands of booksellers worldwide who list their titles with us, so that buyers can come to one place to find the books they […]

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Larry McMurtry to auction three buildings of books

In case you didn’t already know, Larry McMurtry is a man of many talents. He’s best known for writing Lonesome Dove, which won the Pulitzer-Prize in 1985, as well as co-writing the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain, but he is also a renowned book dealer. McMurtry has a shop called Booked Up which is located in […]

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Rare mushroom book tops March’s most expensive sales

A book about mushrooms topped AbeBooks’ most expensive sales in March 2012. Wait…don’t click off. This is a special book and sold for $13,916. Published in 1675, Theatrum Fungorum by Franciscus van Sterbeeck was the first book to be dedicated entirely to fungi. Frans van Sterbeeck was a Flemish priest with a passion for botany, […]

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Supermarket row in Hay-on-Wye

Plans to build a supermarket have caused uproar in Hay-on-Wye, the used book capital of the world, reports the Daily Telegraph. Reading through this story, I am reminded a little of Blot on the Landscape by Tom Sharpe.

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