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Bill Gates reveals his favorite business book & AbeBooks sells every copy of forgotten title from 1969

**UPDATE – The new edition of Business Adventures by John Brooks is now available.** On Friday, the Wall Street Journal printed an interesting article written by Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates about this favorite business book – Business Adventures by John Brooks. It is a long forgotten out-of-print book published in 1969 containing 12 essays about business […]

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Congratulations to our Hackathon contestants

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the second AbeBooks’ Hackathon, staged in conjunction with the University of Victoria’s computer science and software engineering programs this past weekend. This 24-hour coding challenge saw three teams of students deliver demonstrations of remarkable quality. The judges from AbeBooks were treated to a Chrome extension that tracked and […]

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Booksellers predict Bay Psalm auction will be landmark moment for rare books

Two of America’s leading rare book experts predict that the forthcoming auction of a Bay Psalm Book will break new ground in the world of collectible books. Allan Stypeck, owner of Second Story Books in Rockville, Maryland, has seen and appraised many of America’s finest collections of rare books and historical material. He believes Sotheby’s […]

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Introducing BiblioCupid – the new dating service for booklovers

Today AbeBooks is launching a new service for its customers. Introducing BiblioCupid – our new dating service for lonely lovers of literature where AbeBooks matches customers according to their taste in books. BiblioCupid uses a complex love algorithm that matches bibliophiles according to the books they have bought on AbeBooks. Although the exact formula is […]

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Supermarket row in Hay-on-Wye

Plans to build a supermarket have caused uproar in Hay-on-Wye, the used book capital of the world, reports the Daily Telegraph. Reading through this story, I am reminded a little of Blot on the Landscape by Tom Sharpe.

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AbeBooks: One of BC’s Top Employers for 2012

AbeBooks is pleased to announce that we have been named one of British Columbia’s Top Employers for 2012.

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25 Things Learned From Opening a Bookstore

As someone who has often wistfully dreamed of opening my own bookstore (with a lovely soft couch-and-cushion section with story hour for kids, free coffee for grown-ups, and a leave-a-book-take-a-book section for swaps..), I enoyed reading this blog post called “25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore”. It further confirmed my suspicion that not […]

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Ann Patchett Opens Independent Bookstore in Nashville

Critically-acclaimed author Ann Patchett has taken the erosion of Nashville’s literary culture into her own hands by opening Parnassus Books – an independent shop.

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Larry McMurtry’s bookselling tips

A bookseller by the name of Larry McMurtry from Archer City in Texas explains how to run a used bookstore – lots of books and cheap real estate – in Business Week. I’m sure I’ve heard of that guy somewhere else.

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A tour of Larry McMurtry’s personal library

James McAuley from the New Yorker’s super Book Bench blog goes to Archer City and what’s in Archer City, Texas – population 1,850? The answer is Larry McCurtry’s used bookstore – Booked Up. James was treated to a tour of McMurtry’s personal library. Over the years, he’s bought twenty-six bookstores—the stock, not the business—lamenting what […]

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