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Happy 10th Birthday, Perogy Cat!

The Perogy Cat was born in 2003, which makes today his 10th birthday. If you want to be specific, it is the 10th anniversary of the first Perogy Cat drawing by Gareth Gaudin. If you just went: “what?” and enjoy comics, here’s a thing you might like to know about. Gareth Gaudin arrives at his […]

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The 4th Annual Galiano Literary Festival: Feb 22-24

Galiano Island is nestled in the Strait of Georgia almost halfway between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a small rural island which is a popular tourist attraction for its beautiful views, fantastic bird watching, ocean wildlife, and the Galiano Literary Festival – set to be held February 22-24, 2013. The festival was designed with […]

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Nancy Huston Wins 2012 Bad Sex Award

And in today’s news for awards you probably don’t want to win as a writer, the Bad Sex Awards are given to the author who produces the most awkward, uncomfortable, and cringe-worthy sex scene in any given year. The 2012 prize has been announced, and the lucky recipient is Canadian author Nancy Huston, for her […]

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Marjorie Celona Interview

Marjorie Celona – if you haven’t heard the name before, remember you heard it here first, because she is going places. The Victoria, British Columbia-born author is on a launch tour for her debut novel right now. Simply titled Y, the novel has already generated all kinds of literary buzz, earned legions of devoted fans, […]

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Henry the Cat and His Bookshelf of Untold Riches

This lucky cat contemplating his next great read is Henry. Henry is one of two fur-acious readers from David Mason Books in Toronto, Ontario. David Mason Books has been in business for 40 years and is home to over 60,000 books, including 19th century British and American literature, modern first editions, Canadian literature, science, travel […]

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Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Awards Turn 75

Happy 75th birthday to the Governor General’s Awards, which began in 1937 as literary awards only. Contemporarily, the title is an umbrella for a collection of annual awards recognizing and rewarding excellence in a variety of artistic and academic categories. Back in 1937, the first Governor General’s Literary Award came into being under Lord Tweedsmuir […]

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The 2012 Victoria Book Prizes

Congratulations to University of Victoria teacher Madeline Sonik, whose collection of personal essays, Afflictions & Departures, has won the ninth annual City of Victoria Butler Book Prize. The collection details Sonik’s childhood stage by stage, relating incidents, feelings and developments to social and current events of the time, with a deep, meaningful understanding and insight […]

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What are you reading this weekend?

What are you reading this weekend? On my bedside table is Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill. It’s a memoir about working in the tree planting industry in British Columbia. I started reading the book a few days ago and was delighted to find the author describing life, planting seedlings, at the northern tip of Vancouver […]

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Visit the 2012 Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair

Attention Canadian bibliophiles – the three-day Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair begins on Friday 12th October. After a 15-year hiatus, the fair returned in 2010 and is currently going from strength to strength with a massive array of rare books set to be displayed.You can see a few of the gems from last year’s show below. My […]

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Mee-a-ow! Or, Good Advice to Cats and Kittens

The cover of this vintage children’s book caught my eye. You can see why: It’s an 1860 children’s book called Mee-a-ow! Or, Good Advice to Cats and Kittens by Robert Michael (R.M.) Ballantyne. Ballantyne was a 19th-century Scotsman who lived in Canada and worked for the early Hudson’s Bay Company. He was an incredibly prolific […]

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