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Miroslav Sasek: This is Art

Miroslav Sasek , who often published as M. Sasek, was a 20th-century Czech author and illustrator, best known for his This Is… series of children’s books. The series showed the sights, sounds and history of various regions of the world through the use of vibrant, colorful drawing and engaging, relatable writing. Published from 1959-1974, several […]

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Lucky Kids, Unlucky Neighbors: JK Rowling Builds Enormous Treehouses

According to The Guardian, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is either a tremendously inconsiderate nuisance, or the coolest, most fun mother ever, depending on who you ask. The author has been given the go-ahead to build two elaborate, Hogwarts-inspired, two-storey treehouses in the garden of her suburban Edinburgh home. As her home is situated in […]

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The Childhood Pleasure of the Book Nook

Even as an adult, I relish a great place to read. I have been saying for years that one day, I will have a house with a window seat. As we are still in the condo years, that dream has not yet come to fruition, but it will. The Random House Blog has a post […]

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Top 10 Books Parents Think Children Should Read

I was interested to read in The Telegraph earlier this week about a survey by the University of Worcester which asked 2,000 adults which books they would be most anxious to pass on and have their children read. The results demonstrated once more the strong ties of nostalgia to reading, with participants wanting to pass […]

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Which book would you pass on to your children?

The University of Worcester recently published a survey where they asked 2,000 adults to choose the one most important book to pass on to their children?  It’s a tough and incredible vague question?  Is this the only book they will ever be able to read? Or is this merely the book I think they will […]

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Dr. Seuss as Don Draper?

The Libraries at UC San Diego have a great archive up from when Dr. Seuss was in advertising, including many pieces I’d never seen before. The introduction: Before Theodore Seuss Geisel found fame as a children’s book author, the primary outlet for his creative efforts was magazines. His first steady job after he left Oxford […]

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Roald Dahl, a Wondercrump Puffin Person

I’ve spoken before about my love of Roald Dahl and his writing. I came across this fantastic find on the site – a promotional poster of The BFG (everyone’s favorite Big Friendly Giant – but you knew that, of course) holding a photograph of Roald Dahl himself. It is signed “To Phillip Love Roald Dahl” […]

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Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” – Done Differently

Ken Sanders, a longtime seller on AbeBooks, is now offering a rare and highly unusual edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories. Les Aventures d’Alice au pays des Merveilles at De l’autre cote du mirroir et de ce qu’Alice y trouva (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There) […]

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A Book Becomes The Best Graduation Present Ever

Brenna Martin, an 18-year-old living in Kenly, North Carolina, just graduated from high school. Upon graduation, her father Bryan Martin gave her a gift: a copy of the Dr. Seuss classic Oh, The Places You’ll Go!. For those unfamiliar with the book, it is entirely characteristic of Seuss in terms of rhyme and scansion and […]

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I Saw A Peacock With a Fiery Tail

Have you ever heard of a trick poem? What about this one, from the 17th century, called I Saw A Peacock With a Fiery Tail? Depending on the way the poem is read, with what line breaks, it takes on two very different meanings for the reader. This edition, breathtakingly illustrated by award-winning, central Indian […]

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