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Fantastic Art from Frank Frazetta

If you’ve never heard the name Frank Frazetta, that doesn’t mean you’ve never seen his work. In the latter 20th century, Frazetta was a prolific artist in the fields of fantasy, science fiction and comic art. As comfortable with swords, sorcery and unnaturally curvaceous space heroines as he was with caricature and parody, his work […]

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Happy 10th Birthday, Perogy Cat!

The Perogy Cat was born in 2003, which makes today his 10th birthday. If you want to be specific, it is the 10th anniversary of the first Perogy Cat drawing by Gareth Gaudin. If you just went: “what?” and enjoy comics, here’s a thing you might like to know about. Gareth Gaudin arrives at his […]

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“A Wrinkle in Time” – The Graphic Novel

Interesting news – according to science-fiction and fantasy site Tor.com, a graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is going to be available soon. In fact, it’s slated for publication on October 2nd, just shy of three weeks from the writing of this post. How did I not hear of it […]

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Art Spiegelman on Maurice Sendak

There’s a lot of talk of wild things around the office here, today, and talk of curdmudgeons and cantankerousness, love of animals and children. Maurice Sendak, who has passed away at age 83, had a notable effect on books, and people who love books, like us. A famously blunt, outspoken and excitable grump, he always […]

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Hark! a Great Gift – Kate Beaton’s “Hark! A Vagrant” Book Now Available

Kate Beaton’s Hark! a Vagrant web comic is now available in a book. It’s hard to imagine anything more wonderful.

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Creator of Robin and the Joker dies

Comic book artist Jerry Robinson has died at the age of 89. He worked on the Batman team and created Robin and The Joker. The BBC reports.

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Superman comic sells for $2.1 million

A copy of the first issue of Action Comics, which includes Superman’s first appearance, has sold for $2.16m (about £1.4m). There’s speculation that the seller is movie star Nicolas Cage, who is a Superman nut. The BBC has the story.

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R. Crumb on His Rejected New Yorker Cover

The ever-blunt illustrator R. Crumb talks about his art being rejected by The New Yorker.

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Bil Keane, The Man Behind The Family Circus, Dies

Bil Keane, writer and illustrator of the long-running comic strip The Family Circus, died November 8th at age 89.

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MetaMaus celebrates 25 years of Maus

MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman is published this week. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of his ground-breaking graphic novel, Maus, and tells the story of how the original book was put together (via Jacket Copy). If you don’t know Maus, it’s a comic book description of World War II in which the Jews are mice and […]

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