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Book thief meets his match

A New York City book thief met in his match in Donald Davis of East Village Books in St Mark’s Place, who was a wrestler in high school. The NY Post reports. Three cheers for Donald. (Let’s the hope the thief gets thrown in the Big House where the tough guys will ask what his […]

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Rowling to appear at phone hacking enquiry

JK Rowling is expected to give evidence to Lord Justice Leveson’s judicial inquiry into phone hacking, according to this news report. The Harry Potter author is very keen on her privacy so if her phoneline at Potter Towers was hacked by the News of the World then she will be fuming.

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10 books about riots

This week I was following as closely as possible the riots and unrest in the UK. I read and watched with a mixture of shame (being English) and fascination (like seeing a car crash). Watching Twitter (#londonriots) was particularly interesting – a mixture of deeply personal opinions and experiences, lots of rumors and untruths, traditional […]

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More on bookshops and rioters

Further to my post yesterday that looters don’t loot bookshops, here is the proof. In Clapham Junction, the only shop left untouched was Waterstone’s, and the looters of Boots had, unaccountably, stolen a load of Imodium.

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Bookshops and rioters

Over at the excellent Jacket Copy blog, Carolyn Kellogg writes about how London’s bookshops are shutting early because of fears over the rioting. Carolyn – look at the pictures of the people doing the looting and burning. Do they look like the sort of people who would smash the windows of a Waterstone’s and run […]

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Codex Calixtinus stolen…easily

Whoops! The folks at the stunningly beautiful Spanish cathedral in Santiago de Compostela have lost a priceless 12th century manuscript called Codex Calixtinus. Last week, the rare document was stolen from the cathedral’s safe. The thief didn’t have to work to hard for his or her crime as they had the keys to the safe […]

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No rest for these twenty-six crime writers

A total of 26 of the bestselling crime writers have teamed up to write a single novel titled No Rest for the Dead. The list includes Raymond Khoury, Alexander McCall Smith, Kathy Reichs, Jeffery Deaver and (obviously) more. According to The Guardian The novel, which is published by Simon & Schuster, is the brainchild of […]

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Crime writers give back… to the morgue

A group of crime writers including Val McDermid, Kathy Reichs, Stuart MacBride, Jeff Lindsay, Nicci French and Patricia Cornwell have teamed up to help raise funds for a new morgue in Dundee. The group of authors felt passionate about the cause in part because the morgue staff have always offered up their expertise when it […]

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Average crime novel has body count of 8.38

So says a survey from the Crime Writers Association. Some of the more inventive ways to bump someone off included slicing them to death in an olive machine, being stabbed through the heart with a spangly stiletto or putting bees in a wicket-keeper’s inner glove leading to anaphylactic shock.

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The Dark, Dark World of Cornell Woolrich

Cornell Woolrich – Rediscover one of the true masters of murder and mystery writing.

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