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20th Century Hand-Illuminated Book

Today’s gorgeous and unusual find is this hand-illuminated book. Not much appears to be known about it, but it’s just stunning (An illuminated manuscript is any manuscript whose text is accompanied by decoration. It originally referred only to silver or gilt adornments, but came to be acceptable terminology for any manuscript with drawings, paintings or […]

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The Intelligent Reader’s Guide to Vintage Pelicans

In the publishing world, pelicans are related to penguins. Famous for affordable paperbacks, Penguin launched a non-fiction imprint called Pelican and published thousands of titles between 1937 and 1984. The first Pelican was George Bernard Shaw’s The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism & Fascism, and today you will find these books in used […]

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Amazing movable bookshelf

You may have noticed that many of us here have a bookshelf fetish; always on the lookout for the most unique new design.  This isn’t to say that we have anything against the traditional six foot by three foot, four shelf standard but a secret door bookcase or a shelf that defies gravity are much more […]

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Build Your Own Secret Bookcase Door

When I was in Atlanta, Georgia in October, our friends took us for dinner at Pizzeria Vesuvius (damn fine pizza). When I went to the bathroom towards the back of the restaurant, I saw there was a bookcase against one wall – which then swung open, and a guy emerged. Behind the bookshelf was a […]

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60 Years of Spying in Style: The Dashing, Debonaire Design of James Bond

Is there a more stylish, more dashing, more debonaire fictional character than James Bond? I think not. The spy we love to love, 007, took style to whole new heights from his clothes to his quotes to his drink preference. So it should come as no surprise that our favorite swoon-worthy spy has inspired the […]

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Le Corbusier Le Grand

The latest AbeBooks video offering is a review and peek inside of the book Le Corbusier Le Grand, a stunning visual biography of the work and life of Swiss-French architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, more commonly known as Le Corbusier (an altered version of his maternal grandfather’s name).  Le Corbusier specialized in building solutions for exploding populations […]

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Penguin’s Brightest Star: Coralie Bickford-Smith

She’s not an author but an illustrator. Coralie Bickford-Smith‘s artwork for Penguin has been setting high standards in the publishing world. Her use of colour, patterns and eye-catching imagery is second to none. The works of John Buchan, Arthur Conan Doyle, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jane Austen have never looked so good. Click through for […]

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25 of the Most Wonderful Book Covers of the Year

I strongly dislike the vast majority of theatlanticwire‘s 25 Most Wonderful Book Covers of the Year, proving once again that art is artbitrary, and its value highly subjective. So I’m posting them, because you might love them, and someone clearly put some thought and work into the selection. Here are three covers that I did […]

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20 Bookish Benches and Chairs: Time to Sit with a Good Book

Via. I’ve posted before about how I love the upcycling and repurposing of old books. I understand how some people feel taken aback or even hurt when they see books turned into art, or furniture, or decor, but the reality is that those books, once decided they are no longer of value for their original […]

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Video for the Penguin English Library

To mark the launch of the Penguin English Library, Penguin commissioned this sweet animated video from the critically-acclaimed director Woof Wan-Bau. The video depicts one lucky (and familiar!) pengun finding his way to the glorious land of books. The Penguin English Library is: “…100 of the best novels in the English language. These are books […]

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