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The Seaweed Collector

While looking for good fodder for our wacky, fun and ever-growing Weird Book Room, I will often come across a book with a title or premise that seems weird at first, but then after a bit of delving, makes perfect sense. And in some cases, like today’s, the book turns out to be fascinating and […]

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20 Bookish Benches and Chairs: Time to Sit with a Good Book

Via. I’ve posted before about how I love the upcycling and repurposing of old books. I understand how some people feel taken aback or even hurt when they see books turned into art, or furniture, or decor, but the reality is that those books, once decided they are no longer of value for their original […]

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Flight Behavior – An Interview with Barbara Kingsolver

This has been a good week for me so far. First I discover the world’s most creative and crafty brick bookends, and now The Telegraph has an interview with Barbara Kingsolver, one of my very favorite authors, about her new book Flight Behavior. (One word or warning to those who want to go in blind […]

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Collectible seed packets

Did you know seed packets can be collectible? I’ve written about many types of paper-based ephemera over the years – movie screenplays, letters, posters – but I’d never seen rare seed packets until today. One of our booksellers, Oldimprints from Portland, Oregon, is listing some vintage seed packets for sale and, frankly, they are beautiful. […]

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Neighbourhood Book Lending Box

Book exchange box found amongst the hollyhocks while on a evening bike ride.

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Green Books for Earth Day

It’s Earth Day tomorrow. Earth Day was created in 1970 by a senator from Wisconsin and is now celebrated around the world. It promotes an appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and asks people to think green. In our line of business, sustainability comes from used books – we love the idea of a book […]

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McEwan’s Solar eclipsed by America’s boredom

Ian McEwan says Americans are “profoundly bored” with reading about climate change after his latest environmentally-themed novel, Solar, endured a bad reception Stateside.

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Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food Causes Campus Debate

Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food is causing great debate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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No Impact Man – Colin Beavan’s Environmental Experiment

Read about Colin Beavan’s year living off the grid in his book No Impact Man.

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Ten Books to Help Make it Easier to Be Green

Kermit-the-Frog warned us that it’s not easy being green so this Earth Day, we decided to lend a hand. Take a look through our list of Ten books to help you live a greener life.

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