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Cool Old Photographs of Albert Einstein

I love this photograph from retronaut of Albert Einstein, holding a marionette puppet of himself. Einstein with Einstein puppet. How delightful (although, full disclosure: I actually think the puppet’s face, from what I can see, bears an even stronger resemblance to Mark Twain than to Einstein). About the image: “Attributed to Harry Burnett while Yale […]

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Book Bricks for the Best Bookends Ever

I know it’s impolite to openly salivate, but I’m only human, and a book nerd can only take so much and keep her cool! Wouldn’t these bricks painted to resemble books make the greatest bookends ever? My shelves have been crying out for these and I didn’t even know. They are the brain-child of an […]

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Books in the War: The Romance of Library War Service

Book Patrol has a post up about the tremendous effort put forth during WWI by the American Library Association to collect books and send them to soldiers overseas. They congregated outside the New York Public Library in 1918, urging citizens to do their part for the war effort and donate books to the cause, to […]

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Government and State Officials’ 1907 Report on Coca-Cola

An interesting find on the site today, especially for any lover or collector of Coca-Cola and collectible Coca-Cola memorabilia: it’s a Government and State Officials’ Report on Coca-Cola from 1907. From the description accompanying he 11-page report: “By 1902, practically all of the cocaine had had been removed from Coca-Cola, notwithstanding the continued use of […]

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A 1917 Letter: Dear Winston Churchill: OMG!

We at AbeBooks do so love a good literary letter. This 1917 example to Winston Churchill, written a year before the end of WWI, includes an early usage of “OMG”. It also includes a lot of exclamation marks. Lord Fisher (I assume naval fleet Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher) was an enthusiastic writer, also seemingly randomly […]

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Elvis Presley’s Library Card

In 1948, when Elvis Presley was just 13 years old, he checked a copy of The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson out from his school library in Memphis, Tennessee. The card, complete with the young Presley’s signature, was discovered by a librarian while getting rid of old books. It, along with a copy […]

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Roald Dahl, a Wondercrump Puffin Person

I’ve spoken before about my love of Roald Dahl and his writing. I came across this fantastic find on the site – a promotional poster of The BFG (everyone’s favorite Big Friendly Giant – but you knew that, of course) holding a photograph of Roald Dahl himself. It is signed “To Phillip Love Roald Dahl” […]

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1899 Antikamnia Chemical Calendar with Skeletons

This is fantastic and I would like to own it. It’s a complete Skeleton Sketches calendar from 1899, put out by the Antikamnia Chemical Company, St. Louis, MO. Each panel depicts a skeleton, dressed in various styles/occupations: January/February, “Extra! All About The [-----]!!!,” as a raggedly-clad newsboy, hawking newspapers; March/April, “His Fourth of July!”, with […]

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Star Wars Nerd Porn – Now in Russian!

Russian Star Wars Posters from Twentieth Century Fox

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