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For Auction: Shaw’s Shovel, Bradbury’s Poem About Same

This is the second bit of good bloggery we’ve had as a result of George Bernard Shaw objects. Longtime Reading Copy readers may remember that we once had George Bernard Shaw’s typewriter for sale on the site. This time around, the item of interest is George Bernard Shaw’s garden spade, with which he apparently planted […]

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The epic French saga that inspired Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin is a household name, but do the millions of people who have their noses stuck in any one of the A Song of Ice and Fire books know the name Maurice Druon?  He happens to be the author of a series of novels set in medieval France – the same series that inspired […]

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Steampunk 101 – The Literature

It’s okay, if you don’t really “get” Steampunk. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, maybe you have a vague notion that it involves goggles and hot air balloons and the inner workings of clocks, and perhaps time machines and top hats. It’s a pretty specific genre, born of science fiction and Victorian sensibilities together – […]

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Trailer for The Hobbit Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug

All of my most ardent Tolkien-fan friends are both irritated that Peter Jackson has turned his film adaptation of The Hobbit into another three-part epic. It was reasonable with The Lord of The Rings (which was a three-book series), but critics are suggesting he’s really milking it for all it’s worth here. That said, after […]

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Fantastic Art from Frank Frazetta

If you’ve never heard the name Frank Frazetta, that doesn’t mean you’ve never seen his work. In the latter 20th century, Frazetta was a prolific artist in the fields of fantasy, science fiction and comic art. As comfortable with swords, sorcery and unnaturally curvaceous space heroines as he was with caricature and parody, his work […]

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Recommended reading list from George R. R. Martin

Fans of George R.R. Martin love the author for his amazing attention to detail within his vast storylines; what they don’t love, is having to wait several years between books.  This isn’t to say his fans are unappreciative – I assume most understand that quality craftsmanship takes time.  It’s more that they’ve been accustomed to […]

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Happy Birthday to Jules Verne, Father of Steampunk

Happy birthday to Jules Verne, born 185 years ago today, on February 8th, 1828. Verne was a French science fiction author, most famous for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. His imagination ran just as deep, and throughout his career he contributed immeasurably to the genre of science fiction. He is often called the father […]

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Dragons in Books

Is there a creature more fantastical than the dragon? From fierce, fire-breathing serpents to wise telepathic companions, literature has told tales of these mythical beasts for generations. Some of the best fantasy, science fiction and myth revolve around them. Fierce or friendly, wise or goofy, winged and scaly, literature is full of remarkable dragons to […]

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International War of the Worlds

While putting together a piece on the best science fiction books (stay tuned…) I came across these two great non-English-language covers for the sci-fi classic The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells – the first is a Spanish language edition of the book, the second is a Danish program for the play. Gorgeous.

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J.R.R. Tolkien Recites “Namárië” Poem in Elvish

People have often commented on the genius of J.R.R. Tolkien, frequently citing the elaborate depths he went to when creating Middle-earth. Maps, languages, political systems, races – Tolkien’s level of detail allowed readers a deeper immersion into a fantasy world than any author before him. An excellent example – here is a rare recording of […]

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