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10 Literary-Themed Restaurants

It’s not news that books and food go together well. Obviously we think so – you can read our posts on the 50 Best Food Memoirs, Penguin’s Great Food Series, The Best Literary Recipes, and Fiction in the Kitchen: 30 Culinary Novels to name just a few. Reading and eating are two of the great […]

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Cookin’ With Coolio and 25 Other Unlikely Celebrity Cookbooks

I recently took a trip to Atlanta, and was lucky enough to stumble across word of Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant. We went, we ate (fried chicken! waffles! macaroni and cheese! collard greens! etc.) and it was glorious. One of my true disappointments in life thus far is that we were too full to […]

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50 Shades of Grey Cupcakes

The publishing sensation that just won’t quit… still hasn’t. E.L. James’ naughty, erotic Fifty Shades Trilogy still shows little signs of slowing. Rumors abound about who’s playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the movie version. Police sketch composite technology is used to generate a picture of Christian Grey. Otherwise respectable women in their thirties […]

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Chicken Soup for the….mouth, esophagus and stomach. Like before, remember?

And in a strange, boomerang twist of cross-marketing, the Self-helpers behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books are now trying their hands at….soup! But not soul soup. Not emotional soup. Not soup that’s actually just nice words to inspire you and make you feel spiritual. Just actual soup. “Launching the line will […]

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Ask AbeBooks: Recommended Unusual Cookbooks

This ir our first “Ask AbeBooks” video, in which we recommend unusual cookbooks to Marjorie, who wrote to us from Wichita asking for gift suggestions. Enjoy. And if you’d like, you can read about even more weird cookbooks.

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Government and State Officials’ 1907 Report on Coca-Cola

An interesting find on the site today, especially for any lover or collector of Coca-Cola and collectible Coca-Cola memorabilia: it’s a Government and State Officials’ Report on Coca-Cola from 1907. From the description accompanying he 11-page report: “By 1902, practically all of the cocaine had had been removed from Coca-Cola, notwithstanding the continued use of […]

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Eat Like Your Favorite Authors

I liked this post about various authors and the way they like to eat. Papa Ernest Hemingway’s description of pan-frying a trout the right way made my stomach rumble: “The proper way is to cook over coals. Have several cans of Crisco or Cotosuet or one of the vegetable shortenings along that are as good […]

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A Christian Grey Cake – 50 Shades of Grey Goes Bakery

We usually try to keep the content between our AbeBooks UK blog and this blog different, but this entry was just too good not to steal. I’m sorry to come back to Fifty Shades of Grey once again but frankly there is a story a day at the moment. Richard’s Cakes (their tagline is ‘Quality […]

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Delicious Design – Penguin’s Great Food Series

Take the greatest food writing from the past 400 years and apply some modern design magic. Penguin’s Great Food Series is simply sumptuous and a true feast for the eyes. True to form, Penguin has taken already-wonderful books and upped their appeal enormously with a series of fantastic covers that would make any shelf proud. […]

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Delicious Medieval Illuminated Manuscript Cookies

An illuminated manuscript is any manuscript whose text is accompanied by decoration. It originally referred only to silver or gilt adornments, but came to be acceptable terminology for any manuscript with drawings, paintings or decorations such as ornate initials, borders, floral accoutrements and the like. Often the illuminations would depict a historical or rural/pastoral scene. […]

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