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Lucky Kids, Unlucky Neighbors: JK Rowling Builds Enormous Treehouses

According to The Guardian, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is either a tremendously inconsiderate nuisance, or the coolest, most fun mother ever, depending on who you ask. The author has been given the go-ahead to build two elaborate, Hogwarts-inspired, two-storey treehouses in the garden of her suburban Edinburgh home. As her home is situated in […]

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JK Rowling’s Single American Casual Vacancy Tour Date

American Harry Potter fans hoping to catch a glimpse of author JK Rowling promoting her new book in person may be disappointed. According to Entertainment Weekly’s, Shelf Life blog, Rowling, whose new book The Casual Vacancy is due out next week, will make just one U.S. appearance, at New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center on […]

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Breaking News: Queen Names Puppies After Harry Potter Characters

This is both important, and relevant to my interests. Queen Elizabeth has named an entire litter of Labrador Retriever puppies after Harry Potter characters. She’s keeping mum so far on most of the names, but a leak revealed that one of them is called “Gryffindor”. I guess she’s repaying a favor – after all, J.K. […]

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J.K. Rowling’s New Book for Adults: The Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy, hits shelves on September 27th.

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JK Rowling’s Generosity Demotes Her To Millionaire

JK Rowling is no longer a billionaire, but a mere mortal millionaire – and it is largely thanks to her generosity of charitable donations that she finds herself in 7-figure dire straits.

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Taxman knocks JK Rowling off Forbes’ rich list

Tragic news from Edinburgh – JK Rowling has dropped off Forbes’ list of world’s richest people. Apparently, she’s being taxed to the hilt, which explains why she has been forced back to writing in cafes. The Daily Telegraph details JK’s financial woes. Forbes claims she is no longer a dollar billionaire and has less than […]

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One step closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

Aside from his wand, Harry Potter’s most useful accessory was his invisibility cloak. If my memory serves me correctly, the Boy Wizard used it in every story and his father also found it very useful during his time at Hogwarts. We should all own invisibility cloaks (I would use it to sneak into major sporting […]

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Voldemort Cat

This cat looks like Voldemort. Aww…WHO’S AN EVIL WIZARD.

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Whatever happened to the Harry Potter readers?

What did the legions of Harry Potter fans read after J.K. Rowling’s record-breaking series ended in 2007? Did they turn to the Twilight vampire novels, the Hunger Games trilogy or perhaps more books about wizards? AbeBooks discovered that post-Harry Potter reading has been eclectic to say the least and that the generation of folks devoted […]

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