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Harry Potter textbook

It had to happen. Someone has written a textbook on Harry Potter… basically creating ‘Harry Potter Studies’ reports the Boston College Chronicle. Vera Lee has penned On the Trail of Harry Potter – the first book-length literary analysis of the Harry Potter novels. JK Rowling’s books are, of course, a classic example of Bildungsroman where […]

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Vote for Your Favourite Harry Potter Character

From Dobby the House Elf, to Mad-Eye Moody and Ginny Weasley – Bloomsbury Publishers are holding a worldwide search for the globe’s favourite Harry Potter character, and you can vote!

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Hermione Granger: No.1 dream teenage date

The Daily Telegraph has a story about a poll that reveals Hermione from the Harry Potter books is the most popular fictional dream date for British teenagers. It’s a powder puff PR poll done by the World Book Day people and doesn’t really tell the story about why Hermione Granger is so appealing to many […]

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Take the Harry Potter quiz

The Guardian has a Harry Potter quiz. I got eight out of 10 and that’s not bad for someone who isn’t a complete Harry Potter nutter. I have, of course, read all the books…aloud…to my daughter, who now says she wants to read them all by herself.

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Our Harry Potter Reading Odyssey Ends

It was a momentous evening in our household last night. I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to my eldest daughter. That’s it. It’s all over. All seven books, read out loud at bedtime over the past 18 months or so. Apart of a few nights here and there when I was out […]

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Reach Hogwarts via the NY subway

Fans of Harry Potter – torn apart by sadness that the end is nigh for their fantasy franchise – have vandalized a New York subway sign. The New York Daily News reports on this heinous crime.

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Harry Potter blamed for India’s owl decline

India’s Environment Minister has blamed Harry Potter fans for the dwindling number of wild owls in the country. Hedwig, an owl, is, of course, Harry’s loyal sidekick and messenger – a sort of feathery cellphone. My daughter and I are currently working our way through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She’s never asked for […]

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From Harry Potter to Paul Baumer

I love the idea of Harry Potter becoming a German and starring in All Quiet on the Western Front as Paul Baumer. Clearly Mr Radcliffe does not want to be schoolboy wizard forever.

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JK Rowling in the doghouse

That infamous trouble-maker, J.K. Rowling, is stirring the pot in Edinburgh. I imagine her dogs will have some really top-class kennels.

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Bedtime Harry Potter reading: fear & nightmares

Last night was all about being scared at my household. Firstly, the four-year-old comes up to me just before bedtime and starts a rather surreal conversation. “Daddy, I’m scared of the tomatoes.” “You what!” “Daddy, I’m scared I’ll dream about the tomatoes again. They’re swirling round and round (does hand action to illustrate) above my […]

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