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Pricey Christmas Presents

Around the holiday season we like to look at some of our top sales and guess which ones might be Christmas presents for some lucky bibliophile. It a lot of fun because you start to think about the type of person who would be really excited about receiving each book, I even go a step […]

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Remembrance Sunday Poem a Rip Off?

Is Sir Andrew Motion’s Remembrance Day poem a work of plagiarism?

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Medieval Hebrew Manuscript Going on Display in Jerusalem

A 14th century Hebrew manuscript is set to go on display for the first time in history.

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Best Father and Son writing teams

Just in time for Father’s day we put together a list of the best Father and Son writing teams. I think my favourite team is Charles Dickens and his son who wrote dictionaries, but the Waugh’s easily win this title with four generations of authors. The Waugh’s are possibly the most amazing literary family in […]

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Eggs-ellent! Top 10 Egg Books

It’s that time of year when eggs are everywhere – chocolate eggs, dyed eggs, plastic eggs, jelly bean eggs … We can’t leave books out of the picture so here’s an eclectic Top 10 List of egg books.

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Blind Dates, Book Lovers Style

Cute idea from a library in Australia – Library staff have selected a range of books and wrapped them up for a surprise introductions this weekend. Drop by the library on Saturday and you could meet your perfect match – literary match that is. With only scintillating phrases and words on that wrapping to hint […]

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Robert Burns – 250th Anniversary Stamps

The Telegraph reports that Scottish bard, Robert Burns will become the first non-Royal to be celebrated with three collections of stamps when this week’s new edition is released. Burns will outdo Winston Churchill (honored with 2 special editions of stamps)  and Shakespeare and Charles Dickens who have only had one edition each. The first class […]

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Martin Luther King Jr In Books

One of the things I love about working here at AbeBooks is the discoveries I make. Pretty much any topic, event, or notable name triggers an “I wonder if we have a book…” response. With today being Martin Luther King day in the United States, I was prompted to see what collectible books by King […]

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Nine (Books of Short) Stories

Top Nine Short Story Collections I Love: Life After God by Douglas Coupland For anyone who has ever felt lost, felt too old to be feeling lost, felt too self-conscious and ridiculous to be feeling too old to feel lost, this book is for you. Full of vivid depictions of British Columbia, from the green […]

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