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Love Advice from H.P. Lovecraft

Imagine if the creepy King of cosmic horror, Mr. H.P. Lovecraft himself, was available to offer you guidance in all your relationship problems? It might look a little something like this: Dear Howie, My girlfriend has metamorphosed into a kind of polyhedron with many pairs of feelers, membraneous wings, and fanged orifices on stalks. Should […]

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Cookin’ With Coolio and 25 Other Unlikely Celebrity Cookbooks

I recently took a trip to Atlanta, and was lucky enough to stumble across word of Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant. We went, we ate (fried chicken! waffles! macaroni and cheese! collard greens! etc.) and it was glorious. One of my true disappointments in life thus far is that we were too full to […]

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Cooking with Poo and Cooking with Pooh

Collectors of unusual cookbooks may wish to note that as of the writing of this post… We do not have any copies of Cooking with Poo: But we have several copies of Cooking with Pooh: That is all. Carry on.

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David Sedaris Meets Silver Screen with C.O.G. Film

It’s early days, but I am cautiously optimistic this might come to fruition – at last, at last (a mighty huzzah!), it looks as though some of David Sedaris‘ brilliant, caustic and hilarious writing might find its way to a movie theater. The project is an adaptation of Sedaris’ essay called “C.O.G.”, from the 1997 […]

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11 Book Covers by Edward Gorey

It’s no secret that we’re bonkers for Edward Gorey around here. He wrote and illustrated so many fancifully fiendish and whimsically weird books, each with a style uniquely Gorey that were a pleasure for fans to behold. But he also designed and illustrated book covers for other people, many of which were just gorgeous, and […]

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Positions in Bed – One Youtube User’s Take

I blogged once about the difficulties of comfortable reading in bed and revealed that I am a tummy-and-elbow reader. When I asked around I discovered there were side readers, back-with-the-book-in-the-air readers, propped-against-headboard-or-pillow readers, and more – but the youtube user below gets into some positions I’ve never even attempted. Perhaps she’s into yoga.

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E.B. White’s Love Letter About His Dachshund

It’s easy to love a man who loves his dog. In 1951, E.B. White, author of the beloved children’s stories Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little got in trouble with the SPCA for allegedly not paying the tax to license his daschund, and thus “harboring an unlicensed dog”. The letter he wrote them in return is […]

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How to Open a New Book

It may sound easy-peasy, but for maximum spine protection and book-life extension, there is indeed a way to open a new (hardcover) book. Read on, readers. Turns out we may be doing it wrong. via Alfred a. Knopf

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Wonkaphiles Rejoice – Lickable Wallpaper is Real!

The lickable wallpaper from Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has become a reality for some lucky London engineers.

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The books behind The Supersizers

One of my favourite, televised guilty pleasures is the BBC’s The Supersizers Go…, which was rebroadcast on The Food Network in Canada. The show combines my love of cooking, history, and humour into several episodes of gastronomical adventure and hilarity. In the spirit of Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Supersize Me’, the two hosts immerse themselves in the spirit […]

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