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Introducing the Cormac McCarthy edition of Pictionary

A funny video from some clever folks – introducing the Cormac McCarthy edition of Pictionary.

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25 Things Learned From Opening a Bookstore

As someone who has often wistfully dreamed of opening my own bookstore (with a lovely soft couch-and-cushion section with story hour for kids, free coffee for grown-ups, and a leave-a-book-take-a-book section for swaps..), I enoyed reading this blog post called “25 Things I Learned From Opening a Bookstore”. It further confirmed my suspicion that not […]

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I Like Big Books – A Literacy Rap

The staff and students at Dowell Middle School in McKinney, Texas put together this rap spoof about taking books out of the library. Love it.

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Kitty Lit: Bookish Meets Cattish

Kitty Lit – where classics meet cats. Cats on classic covers at last, from The Great Catsby to A Tale of Two Kitties and beyond!

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Goat eats textbook

Goats can eat anything including old textbooks. (However, to be honest, this goat should really have sold back that old textbook through the AbeBooks buyback program. There’s a lot of perfectly good grass in that field.)

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The Virginia Woolf, Geoffrey Chaucer or Raymond Chandler Cookbooks

High literary comedy from Mark Crick at The Independent, who imagines what celebrity cookbooks would look like if Virginia Woolf, Geoffrey Chaucer or Raymond Chandler had turned their skills to cooking. The Chandler part is brilliant. Woolf Gently she melted the butter, transparent and smooth, oleaginous and clear, clarified and golden, and mixed it with […]

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The 2011 Bad Sex Awards shortlist

Right up there for awards you probably don’t want to win as a writer, the Bad Sex Awards are given to the author who produces the most awkward, uncomfortable, and cringe worthy sex scene. The shortlist for this year’s awards have been announced and include Sebastian Barry, David Guterson, Jean Auel, Haruki Murakami, Dori Ostermiller, […]

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Famous Typos in Literature

They say to Err is human, and after researching this feature I would have to say that ‘they’ were correct. How many times have you been happily reading through a book only to trip over a hideous typographical error? It happens more than editors would care to admit and it drives some readers absolutely bananas. […]

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Salman Rushdie on Kim Kardashian

Salman Rushdie wrote a limerick about Kim Kardashian’s gong-show of a failed marriage. No, really.

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Berserk but Beautiful: Ralph Steadman’s Illustrations

Ralph Steadman is an English illustrator with a talent for caricature. His drawings have been called chaotic, frenetic and twisted. We call them weird and wonderful.

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